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It is just til:

warminster100 8 May 13
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This is what I have been telling YOU for over a year!!!
When do WE as group tell THEM enough, and stop complying???????????

Serg97 Level 8 May 13, 2021

It's just about control and authoritarian overreach


Two years to stop the spread!

sqeptiq Level 8 May 13, 2021

... of the logic and critical thinking from my observations. Another 2 to get rid of all remaining freedoms and then we have it! Five years towards dispair.

@LukeGP When they hit their stride the secret courts are used to enforce those very reasonable requests. Like has been stated "JUST TILL"

@adriaan23 My Man!

@LukeGP Canada has already gone that way. What a shame.
If You want to see where this is leading, read Gulag Archipelago.
The Russians even had safety instructions for body disposal.
Carrying dead bodies caused back injuries (deadweight) so place them live in sacks and burry them that way. Considerate?

@adriaan23 Gulag Archipelago is on my long list of books to read. Currently I'm reading 'Man's search for meaning' which is carrying similar type of weight. When people are asking how Auschwitz happened I'm pointing at todays China and their "reeducation camps" for Uyghurs people. And guess what? People either don't believe me (calling me conspiracy theorist) or simply don't care. Sad but true.

@LukeGP History if forgotten will repeat and repeat.
The trouble is no one thinks they are capable of evil.
The trouble is you don't suddenly become a monster, it happens in small increments.
The next thing you know you're a guard of a concentration camp either indulging in the excessive evils of power or ignoring the evil cause everyone else is.
Ignoring evil makes you a monster as well.

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