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Just got another 30 days from FB

started with my sharing posting 5 step covid jab meme, then the censor and my rebuttal to their fact chucker and their link []

then got a 24 hour notification for putting that rebuttal in comments

BUT I got another post in before they gave me the 24 hour stop & desist, which consequently gave me the 30 days OR it is just in their usual narcissistic tactic of attempting to maximize as much psychological damage as possible, just guessing.

and the other peculiarity from them, I had just picked up and shared that abortion & masks save lives meme up off my feed line that they had presented to me....

Weltansicht 7 May 6
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Keep up the good fight 😅, make the censors work for their money.

Tom81 Level 7 May 6, 2021

I think what really got them pissed was the Mad Maxine & Her flying monkeys recruitment video, there was nothing they could say or do lol


and as the Rabbi from Israel that lives in Houston would say (in his heavy accent), "ahhh, Babba Boob tsk tsk tsk" LOL


Is the vax good for nothing or no good at all?

not sure. the good for nothing made me think of some old for nothing and chicks for free....hmmmm Dire the irony

If it depopulates the planet to the 500 million goal posted on the Georgia Guidestones it will have done a lot of good.

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