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Government using private industry to circumvent the law?


I have spoken previously about my belief that the Federal government is encouraging private industry to enforce policy that would be illegal for the government itself to enforce. For example, the government cannot require you to get a vaccination passport in order to travel, because that would be a HIPAA violation. But...if you were to "volunteer" your medical status to an air carrier in exchange for being allowed to board a plane, why, that's perfectly legal. The airlines aren't obligated to sell you a ticket after all. Sneaky, sneaky, right?

Well, now we're hearing that the government may again be turning to private industry to monitor citizen communications, something that's illegal (without warrant) for the government itself to do. And all I will say is that - yes, Slug is a place for free speech - but make sure you can live with what you've said being thrown in your face at a later date, because if ANYPLACE is going to be monitored, it's the intellectual dark web.

Alysandir 7 May 3
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Its almost like you never heard of blackwater!


Good advice

Header Level 8 May 3, 2021

That shit been going on. Nothing new


I frequently bring up the issue that what we say/write online may be used to justify/exonerate or condemn a person based on the prevailing cultural climate. Yesterdays free speech is tomorrow's postmodern hate speech. Everything has become political and privacy a scarce commodity. Online searchs, emails, posts, pictures, our smart TV/cellphone/laptops microphones and our device location provide a massive amount of information about us and the ability to carve out privacy in a digitized world shrinks daily.

dd54 Level 8 May 3, 2021

Believe me, at times I have been very aware that our free speech site may one day incriminate us in ways most unexpected. Worrisome for sure. Just make sure you can and will stand by all your postings. The biggest fear is lack of context and we all ought to be aware of that issue.

@toronto_Georgia Good advice.


Soon: private police.

You may not be far from the truth. I've read several articles that suggest the natural progression from defunding the (public) police is that cities will contract security services out to private firms.

If you're the wealthy elite and living in a gated community, you have nothing to fear. If you're not, well, that's mighty unfortunate for you, isn't it?

The divide between the haves and have-nots grows wider every day.

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