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Illegal Immigration

JacksonNought 7 May 2
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I carry a pocket Constitution with me, I have my papers.


Totally different argument Einstein.


Good point! Except one is requiring you to get a jab against your will, one is not


How does she know that they’re one and the same? Ohhh, because maybe they’re no sheep.

Jedly Level 6 May 2, 2021

Your analogy is rather twisted in my opinion. Citizens rejecting their NAZI government's "papers please" is not the same as an illegal alien jumping the queue ahead of other immigrants.


Dishonesty is bad.

Naomi Level 8 May 2, 2021

I am and have been since birth An American Citizen, when did it become a requirement for ME to have a "CARD" to travel inside this country?????????????????

Serg97 Level 8 May 2, 2021

Translation: "It's okay when the government encourages its corporate partners to adopt policy that would be illegal for the government to enforce on its citizens; but it's hypocrisy when citizens ask the government to enforce the law against those who break it."


A citizen breaking the law to do what he is constitutionally allowed to do?

The illegal immigrants I've worked with varied between neutral to huge bonuses to the country but they were not citizens of the country.

You have a huge blind spot in your reasoning.


Broad generalization brush being used to paint this picture...

Garsco Level 8 May 2, 2021

The double standards is appalling.


Open borders are immoral because of the moral hazard they present plus their devastating effect on the donor countries.

Lying is also immoral, so yes fake vaccination cards are immoral.

Two things can be true at the same time.

Forcing vaccination passports on free citizens is against their constitutional rights. It is actually lawful to fight a harmful law in the USA. It is known as resistance and it has a certain level of protection, provided it can be proven that the law is unfair/harmful.

These types of situations generally get fixed at the legislative level without having the higher courts getting involved, however it appears our legislations in Canada especially, have no plans to abide by individual rights and freedoms


Civil disobedience comes with a cost. Get millions of people. To openly disobey passport laws in ways that the police must arrest them is the time honored strategy.


Lousy comparison.

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