2 3 RED SKULL SPEAKS 🙂 I would encourage Professor Peterson to just own the Left’s slur against him because anyone so stupid they’d believe he compares to Red Skull is to stupid for anything he’d say to sink in their tiny squirrel brain(s) anyway. Squirrel brain(s) being one of TFM’s favorite descriptors.

Speaking of Nazis (aka Red Skull) I for a long time thought their ideology to be Right-Wing (conservative {aka orderly} as it were) therefore I could get along with them in spite of their atrocities. BUT NO, they’re just so far Right-Wing totalitarians they’ve become extreme Left-Wing totalitarians. At any rate I was wrong about them. A Right-Wing Socialist is every bit as bad as a Left-Wing Socialist – they’re ALL evil. I immediately recognized the evil(s) of Feminism but couldn’t understand why someone would coin the phrase “Feminazis” to describe them? However later by looking at the political realm as a circle rather than a linear spectrum it became all too evident why someone would call them (feminists) Feminazis – BECAUSE THEY ARE!

Posted by: Chris Williamson Apr 16, 2021
"Jordan Peterson Predicts The Death Of Mainstream Media”

COMPROMISES: For some reason my mind drifted to the old idea(s) of compromising – mistaken idea(s) that is. There is no compromising to be had with these Left-Wing fanatics at this late date. Left-Wing fanatics are like women, every time you compromise with them you lose half the ground (aka liberty) between you & them – only to go through the same tactic with them later & later each time losing half the ground (more & more of your liberty). The Far-Left have reached the point of no compromises & America was never founded on compromised liberty. In fact, I would venture to say that compromised liberty isn’t liberty at all!

My opinion is that it’s about time for these lefties & their lies to start back-peddling expecting you to meet them half way. Personally, I think too much ground (liberty) has been given up to them already & we’re NOT learning from the past when Neville Chamberlain tried to reason with them.
So here we set (the international community) appeasing the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) COMMUNIST SOCIALISM just like the appeasement of Nazis (National Socialism) FASCIST SOCIALISTS with the Chinese Wiegers (Muslims) languish in camps like German Jews did before them.

PS. #MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) an individualist philosophy for MEN.

1914wizard 7 Apr 17
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"Find the worth in all people" LIKE A NAZI!

I can see why Peterson is offended but I cannot stop laughing. We've had record numbers of gay-Jew nazis outed by these morons, this is another escalation. I assume the screaming REEEEEE sound will eventually make their faces pop.


Red skull speaks! 🤣

sqeptiq Level 8 Apr 17, 2021 @sqeptiq, I do have that right don't I? I don't watch those kinds of things: but I understood that the Re Skull character is a Nazi - am I wrong?
1914wizard OUT

@1914wizard Yes. I just think habitually calling Peterson "Red Skull" would be a funny thing to do.

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