1 0 POSTMODERN SJW (Social Justice Warrior) COLLECTIVIST THINKING: Right or wrong, correct or incorrect, it’s easy to see the moral of this story is beware of dishonest people. BUT, A VERY BIG BUT, that’s not the motivation for post even though it’s an excellence lesson to learn.

No, this post is simply to point out that because one man does something wrong in Thailand DOES NOT MEAN THAT ALL MEN DO – OR THAT ALL MEN HAVE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT!

Those little gentlemen in Australia that recently were forced to apologize to all little females in their school for being of the male gender thereby forcing them to accept COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY for the entire male gender.

There’s no such thing as COLLECTIVE GUILT or COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY for any identity group even if their little green aliens from Mars – it just doesn’t exist! It’s pure Marxist Feminism diatribe with no place in civilized behavior.

#MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is a personal philosophy of individualism - not collectivism!

The moral of this post is: While not all men are named Vince; neither are all men named James – DON’T THINK COLLECTIVELY! At least as best you can as it’s regressive not progressive; it’s devolutionary not evolutionary.

Posted by: Brett Dev ~ Apr 11, 2011
“Foreigner Tries to Scam $55,000 Dollars in Thailand”

1914wizard 7 Apr 16
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Do women have to apologize for Eve? @Poncho69, No no, but they could stand to accept their lot in life & quit blaming men for their little discomforts - don't you think?
You have good day, 1914wizard OUT @Poncho69, I took another look at your comment & realized I didn't make the connection to the video - shrewd connection I might add. Thanks for the comment.
1914wizard OUT

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