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LINK MyPillow CEO's Free Speech Social Network Will Ban Posts That Take Lord's Name in Vain

In the more recent video, Lindell explained that the new network would still moderate against profanity and threats of violence — setting it apart from previous right-wing platforms like Parler and Gab, which prided themselves on their refusal to censor offensive speech.

“You don’t get to use the four swear words: the c-word, the n-word, the f-word, or God’s name in vain,” Lindell says in the video. Instituting that policy will present a significant challenge to conventional automated moderation programs, which are adept at identifying specific strings of text but have no system to distinguish between devout and profane invocations of God.

JacksonNought 7 Apr 16
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There's always a catch, lol. With this site aside, I'm better off on Minds. Being I didn't give a damn about Parler, and in the past had been censored on GAB, I surely won't use Lindell's social media platform.


Is there any difference between free speech and being polite? I think Mike just wants you to be polite, respectful and civil in your discourse. If you wish to use free speech to claim your right to bully, harass, introvert, and create mayhem or simply troll then you have to stay on Slug.

I don't blame you for identifying free speech with being courteous, many people do. Especially, those who feel their freedoms are being infringed upon. Ever notice libertarians can be like that - incensed that their speech is curtailed in any manner. It takes a bit of understanding to ascertain what is considered a polite society and discipline yourself. I mean you don't want to be talking about picking up chicks on Friday night at the bar and experiencing your first threesome when you are mixing with a crowd of Mennonites.

I know. I know. Progressives like to have their free speech; it's part of cancel culture. How else could you dox people, call them names, assign pejoratives and all those wonderful things but I don't think that is what is meant by free speech. I think it just means you cannot be charged criminally for any kind of speech, as much as progressives would like to do so. It doesn't mean to not exercise any discretion in your utterings.

Make the distinction.

What is politeness? Is it impolite to say "goddamn" but polite to say that gay people should all be sent to an island to die off?

What is your opinion of people being banned from Facebook or Twitter for denying the severity of a virus that killed over 500k Americans, or encouraging violence against political opponents, or sharing dangerous conspiracy theories? Did you speak out against the platforms, as people like Mike Lindell and Trump and Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro and other "free speech warriors" have done? How is it that they should be denied setting rules based on their opinion of "politeness" but Lindell gets a pass?

You seem to mistakenly believe the "Progressives" are the one confusing the First Amendment. As I see it, the Conservatives are the ones who see social media bannings or choosing not to renew a TV show contract as First Amendment violations. Conservatives believe that having consequences for their actions is anti-American, and they should be guaranteed a megaphone to get their opinions out to as many people as possible.

@JacksonNought > What is politeness?

Keep working on it. Has anyone been put in jail for saying, "goddamn"? Has anyone been put in jail for saying, "gay people should all be sent to an island to die off"?
Intent and purpose are important factors. Force is probably the most important factor. Government is the sole agency that, in a polite, often called "civilized", society, is able to use force or delegate the use of force. As an example, as you see it, "conservatives are the ones who see social media bannings or choosing not to renew a TV contract as First Amendment violations". Here purpose and intent are factors. What is the purpose of "social media bannings"? Seems to me to be a political influence.
What is the purpose of "choosing not to renew a TV contract"? I assume you have the Gina Carano cancellation in mind. Was the decision to cancel based upon ratings? Or was it simply politically correct and subject to cancel culture?

I can't seem to grasp how you arrived at the following statement that "conservatives believe that having consequences for their actions is anti-American". Obviously you have an instance in mind but what it is I don't know. Perhaps it is about police violence against Blacks? Or maybe Kyle Rittenhouse protecting himself in a "mostly peaceful protest"? In which case, I think conservatives call for due process and not for the abnegation of responsibility for one's actions. It is certainly not an excuse to loot, pillage and burn down communities with impunity - that means without consequences for one's actions.

@FrankZeleniuk you seem to be seeing an argument in my words which is not there. Never once have I tried to call this a First Amendment issues. No, you cannot be put in jail for saying "goddamn" or opining that gay people should be killed. Although the FCC, a government institution, can fine you for cursing on TV or radio in the middle of the day, but that's a different subject.

The purpose of the post is to point at the absurdity and hypocrisy of Lindell - one of the people crying "First Amendment violation" for being banned from Twitter or being dropped as a sponsor, trying to create his own platform to combat "censorship", but then turning around and imposing speech rules that will get you banned. Of course it is his right to do so, but it's funny how people will defend his choice while crying that Twitter will ban someone for the same.

"Cancel Culture" is just a buzzword Right-Wingers like to throw out to to play the victim, acting like they were somehow silenced by the government or thrown in jail treated just like Jews in the Holocaust just because they were banned from Facebook or not given their own TV show or because some people decided to boycott them. We should really call it "Accountability Culture" or "Consequence Culture". Like in your Mennonite example, if you decide to talk about your sexual conquests at work, you might get fired for being inappropriate - this is not you being "canceled". That can go equally for creating a hostile work environment by sharing your opinions that Gay or Black people are inferior, when you work with Gay or Black people.

Gina Carano was espousing anti-trans opinions, and even spreading COVID-hoax conspiracies, and none of this was a problem. It wasn't until she came out saying that Conservatives being criticized was the same as Jews being massacred in the Holocaust that Disney decided they didn't want to continue their relationship with her. Again, they didn't fire her or replace her or anything. Her contract was up. There were thoughts of a spinoff series for her, but they made a business decision to not do that, and did not renew her contract. It doesn't matter what the reason for this was, they were not obligated to give her a show. She was not "canceled".

@JacksonNought You've dived right back in. Of course, your sources all encourage you to conflate issues. The idea is to differentiate issues or events.

For example, the current debate over the issue of immigration is not what is being discussed. The laws have been ignored by both sides and now it has become a problem. Although the laws have been around for quite awhile Democrats wish to continue to ignore them completely and allow an almost open border policy on immigration. The people themselves, both right and left, have been wondering what has been going on at the border for decades. Officials have for the most part turned a blind eye to the leaky southern border until it became a real problem with numbers during the Obama administration. Not that Obama was responsible. I don't think it can be argued that Democrats have, over those decades, been more liberal than the Republicans in ignoring policy on the Mexican border. Meanwhile, laws that are on the books are mostly applied and enforced at the northern border. No concern there. The problem with the argument is that the Democrats are arguing for illegal immigration denying there are laws regarding immigration. They know it will be difficult to change the laws so instead they want people to break the law and just cross in over the border.
I admit the issue is difficult to solve because it has been ignored by both sides for so long. Time and circumstance are of course important factors, as well as purpose. It wasn't an important concern for the longest time but now world circumstances and numbers make it an issue that needs addressing.
This open borders policy is not just an American phenomenon it is happening in Europe and, if you can believe it, people are coming to the Canadian border and being allowed in from America.

Essentially, immigration does not equal illegal immigration. Tied in with the mess are asylum and refugee claims but there are laws regarding that as well that the Democrats wish to ignore.

You mention that cancel culture is a right wing buzzword but it is defined in leftwing literature as a tool to break down the extant cultural structure. So you would wish to call it "accountability culture" or "consequence culture". That doesn't follow what the actual definition is as described by the left itself. You must understand that you cannot have your own definitions and expect others to have an inkling of what you are talking about. All this time you have been thinking I was against holding people to account for their actions?

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