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I think this might belong here as well.

When they came for the communists, I wasn't a communist so I didn't do anything. When they came for the trade unionists- who were mostly communists, I wasn't a trade unionist so I did nothing. When they came for the Jews, and there were quite a few Jewish communists praising Marx and Engels, whom were also Jewish, I wasn't a Jew so I did nothing. When they came for the useless eaters, who supported free offerings from the communists, I wasn't demanding free stuff so I did nothing. When the communists joined with the capitalist western nations to crush them, they got crushed and have been vilified ever since. Yay!

The story should have ended there. But the real threat is socialist ideologies of all variations. The communists are still around and wreaking havoc on western civilization today. The communist global initiative started in earnest in 1914 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve. The most free and powerful nation in the world finally had a central bank that could influence its money supply. The first target was the Monarchs of Europe. Only England's royalty came out of WWl still alive. But not without a diminished role in governance of the people. It was too big to fail, so to speak, with over 50 countries in the British Commonwealth of nations. However, the Tsar - gone. The Kaiser - gone. They were first cousins of the British Monarch, the King of England, no less. Royalty in continental Europe was over. The communists/socialists, with Monarchies out of the way, could now move into Europe and be a part of the political theatre. Communist/socialist Woodrow Wilson already had plans to establish a global central authority which came into existence in 1919 as "The League of Nations". It proved to be weak and ineffective and new air had to be blown into it after WWll when it became "The United Nations".

The only force that can ever stand up to the communists/socialists is another socialist force. Democracies will try and appease and/or reason with the socialists, who aren't really interested in reason and will eventually turn on full force to crush opposition. It was only the Monarchies holding them back previously now the only resistance was from the national socialists, the Nazis, in Germany and the Fascists, in Italy who are, incidentally, just as unreasoning and forceful as any socialist ideology is to achieve its ends and beat back challenges to its authority.

Are there any similarities between now and the 1920's? Communism is still a threat.

Once the courts, the police, the intelligence community, the military and the media are fully infiltrated there is no reasoning or logic they will abide. Once they hold the majority power they will only use force to achieve their ends and the only thing that will stop them is an equal force. That would be the western answer. However, Haikun's Japanese koan, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" offers an option.
Do not resist. Only two forces in opposition can create an effect. It is best to allow the force to meet with no resistance and allow it to fade into oblivion or destroy itself from internal resistance. Minimal destruction will occur with minimal resistance. Assume the identity of the enemy and they will not know where he went.

The danger today is that the goal is not just to rule but to depopulate the planet. Right now it us who fights a phantom. We do not know for certain that depopulation is the objective or even who would orchestrate a plan to do such a thing.. If asked, it would of course be denied. It is too inhumane a thought. There is much concern about over-population but you notice there is no talk of it. Instead there is talk of anthropogenic climate change, non-renewable resource depletion, plastic pollution, mass migration, the global pandemic and the rise of right-wing terrorism. The last of which might pose a threat to globalist endeavors. We must talk about their concern about over-population. It is not a problem now but it may be in the future. They believe it is a problem now. We should be asking what the plans are to address this concern. Do they plan on annihilating a portion of the population? Are they engineering a worse pandemic? Are they enlisting agents to break down the current global hierarchy or the concept of nation states and have them destroy part of the population? How quickly do they wish to depopulate the planet? Is there an urgency? These other "crises" mentioned above all concern this one contrived problem of their concern over population growth. So why aren't we talking about their real concern? Is there something we should know? And who are the players, at the top, that have the power and are actively pushing this agenda?

FrankZeleniuk 8 Apr 13
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Communism as outlined by Marxist is more a secular religion than an economic theory.  That is why it so easily morphed into "social justice".  Historically it is not unusual for secular authority to adopt a new religion for political purposes and that appears to be where we are at.  

Keep in mind that the rich and powerful are human and subject to the same human frailties as anyone else.   Most of them are from a generation that had rejected traditional values.  Certainly traditional religious values.  What they have not been able to do is replace those values with anything that relieves existential angst.  It is reasonable to assume that they have in some diluted fashion sought comfort in the same philosophy that underpins the social justice movement either consciously or unconsciously.

One aspect of the former religious values that clearly has been undermining society in its absence is freewill.  Nietzsche had identified this problem 160 years ago and had proposed the rise of the Übermensch.  I would question how great an insight this was because of historical precedent but nonetheless we have arrived at a point where every rich or powerful person now sees themself as a Übermensch.  By extension everyone below them as creatures without freewill.  

While the old religious values held on in some diluted fashion superman retained those values.  The secularized version could be expressed as "truth, justice and the American way".   This was not a world view that could ever be made compatible with the 60s generations view of themselves as citizens of the world.  The new superman had to be a social justice for all hero.  I think in some bizarre way every tyrant wants to be that superman.  It serves the ego to be God made man and is something seen throughout history.  Very few powerful people can see themselves as accidents of history with no more freewill than the average person.

Freewill has been under assault for 2500 years.  It was the unavoidably end result of the scientific revolution that started with Greek philosophy.  Ironically science is on the verge of restoring its legitimacy.  I won't go into how that is possible at the moment other than to say that Artificial Intelligence and gene editing are two examples of how humans are on the verge of escaping "natural" constraints.  I will also not go into the detail of how a scientific or naturalistic perspective is at odds with narrative reality but to say that the abstract world has real consequences in the physical world.

What is particularly missing from society today and why it is becoming unsustainable is the death of God.  Here I want to use God and freewill interchangeably as freewill was in the Western tradition a religious concept.  Without freewill, agency and dignity granted to each individual a society will become dysfunctional.  You cannot  build morality from a naturalistic perspective.  Nature is completely amoral.  There is no rational basis for responsibility from the perspective adopted by the cult of social justice and those powerful people that have at least in part adopted it as their religion.

That is not to say that what we are seeing is totally unique, all God kings have seen the common people as something less than human either explicitly or subconsciously.

One of the key factors that always seems to historically lead to social disorganization is Luxus. To the extent that civilization is unnatural its requirements are unpleasant. Luxus gives license to return to the natural state. The fast lifestyle, the easy but unstable environment we evolved for. Civilization is only possible in a harsh but stable environment where people live relatively slow lifestyles. Paradoxically Luxus makes naturalism possible.

There are other historical parallels that we could explore but I will leave those for latter.

wolfhnd Level 8 Apr 14, 2021

Bill Gates admits he wants to lower the population, by decreasing the number of births.


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