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Just Block Out The Sun, What Could Go Wrong?

Andyman 7 Apr 7
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Good for Sweden for cancelling this project.

Garsco Level 8 Apr 7, 2021

Some men play god

Some men who play God end up swinging from the end of ropes.

@Andyman some end up Emperor

@Poncho69 emperors and kings have met their ends at the point of swords or swinging from ropes throughout history.

@Andyman But the Emperor will be a computer algorithm


Tell Gates to fix Microsoft first πŸ™‚

On a more serious note having a conversation about climate engineering seems like a good idea to me. It's when you get around to the implementation phase that we may want to be really cautious.

I have long maintained that the most immediate "climate" threat to humans is short term cooling from volcanic activity. It's my opinion that the reason that warming gets all the attention is political. Powerful people like to control things. It was true thousands of years ago and it's true today. All the ideologies are just excuses for being authoritarian. Does it really matter if it is a Genghis Khan or a Mao? Ford, Carnegie, Kellogg, Rockefeller all had their social engineering experiments.

Powerful people might have tried to control things through the ages but they didn’t have the technology that we have today. Humans should not fuck with the earth.


The earth will most definitely fuck with us, mother nature is a bitch.

@wolfhnd that’s why we should leave it alone.


Seeding the atmosphere? I thought climate change was all about atmospheric pollution, specifically greenhouse gases, that caused the greenhouse effect, not allowing heat to escape thus warming the planet. How soon we forget. We need real science. Not political BS.

Are you in favor of climate engineering?

@wolfhnd If we could engineer it that would be nice. It would only rain at night and be sunny all day. The mean earth temperature would be 72 degrees. The glaciers would have been gone by now and we'd be sipping cocktails off the balmy beaches of Greenland. Rather idiotic don't you think but I believe it is Bill's big dream.


I don't trust him.

I would like a robust discussion of climate engineering alternatives.

The problem is who controls the communication channels, got to fix that first.


Here is an article "South Africa wants to dim the sun"


Men are mad


Gates just needs to β€œnip” his ass and he thinks the sun will blink!

Rick-A Level 8 Apr 7, 2021

What does that mean?


I seem to recall a James Bond movie where the villain wanted to do just that. Life imitating art?

The new "Goldfingers" are flexing their muscles.

Right down to the supervillains

Its from a simpsons episode where burns blocks out the sun.

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