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Biden is writing executive orders faster than the supreme court can strike them down.
It's an alternative to packing the court. Pack the orders.

Democrats are on record for petty challenges to Trump executive orders. Every Biden order should be challenged in court.

Trump's executive orders are constitutionally reasonable and Biden's orders are unconstitutional.

jaymaron 7 Feb 22
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The democrats wanted to invoke the 25th amendment, but couldn’t get the support. (Wouldn’t they need the VP behind them in order to do that?? Not sure). They did everything they could to build a case and still found it to be more likely they could impeach or re-impeach him on “trumped-up” (pun intended) charges. Even they saw this as opening the floodgates to every president they ever got into office being labeled as unfit (good choice considering Obiden’s state, although they didn’t let that stop them with the phoney impeachment charges.).


I seriously doubt Obiden wrote a single one of them. I doubt he even knows what most of them say. He’s just busy signing whatever they put in front of him as long as his puppeteers tell him to sign it.


Perhaps the court should challenge the president on incompetence as he could be determined mentally unfit. They do have the power to do this.

KeVince Level 7 Feb 22, 2021

What a hilarious powderkeg of constitutional crises!

The insanity amendment may not work anymore, because it requires the president's party to invoke it. Democrats are doing the opposite. They formed a shield around Biden's dementia.

It needs to be this way, that the invocation has to come from the president's own party. Otherwise there would be chaos. It would be a nuclear war of insanity accusations. It's a war that cannot be won.

What if the Supreme Court strikes down an executive order and the President ignores it? The President has a military and the Supreme Court doesn't. The only thing stopping this is congress. In old-school America, congress would eject a president that defied a Supreme Court ruling. Modern democrats won't. AOC tweeted explicitly: "Pack the courts". Biden refused to answer the question of court packing.

In old-school America, a president that bipasses congress with executive orders would be impeached by congress, even by his own party members. Congress protected its turf. Checks and balances yo! No longer. The president and congress are both controlled by external forces.

FDR found this out the hard way. Democrats owned the presidency and congress but not the court. FDR attempted to pack the court and democrats rebelled. The spirit of checks and balances was still alive.

Trump: For every new regulation I add I will strike down 2 dumbass regulations.
Trump executive orders are like anti-orders. Trump hits birdies and Biden hits bogeys.

@jaymaron I am afraid you my be correct and we will have to wait until the whole thing collapses into a pile of ruin. the only problem with this is that the common person will pay the highest price.


I disagree when trump banned trans people from the army you was not saying challenge that was you??

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