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This is from a few years ago. Bill’s plan in his own words!

WorldSigh 8 Feb 21
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India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found that this 2011 article by “The Sovereign Independent” incorrectly suggests that Gates wants to depopulate the world through vaccinations. Gates had stated that vaccinations can reduce child mortality, which in turn leads to reduced birth rates and population growth.

Calling the Microsoft founder “Billy ‘The Kid Killer’ Gates”, the article used an old quote of him on population in a wrong context.

The quote reads, “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.”

The article states that it is the agenda of Bill Gates and the United Nations to depopulate the world through vaccines.

In a TED talk in 2010 titled “Innovating to Zero”, Gates can be heard saying this sentence at 4 minutes and 21 seconds into the video. Gates was discussing ways the world could reduce carbon emissions and suggested that one way was by reducing population growth through improving healthcare.


The computer magnate believes that vaccines can be used to reduce childhood mortality and ultimately reduce population growth through associated social changes, not as an agent of death.

In society after society, he saw, when the mortality rate falls—specifically, below 10 deaths per 1,000 people—the birth rate follows, and population growth stabilizes. “It goes against common sense,” Gates says. Most parents don’t choose to have eight children because they want to have big families, it turns out, but because they know many of their children will die.

“If a mother and father know their child is going to live to adulthood, they start to naturally reduce their population size,” says Melinda.

In other words, Gates is not interested in using vaccines to reduce the population by using them as an agent of death or a tool to sterilize unsuspecting masses. Rather, Gates is interested in keeping more children alive in order to reduce the need for parents to have more children, thus limiting the overall population growth rate.

Melinda: Saving children’s lives is the goal that launched our global work. It’s an end in itself. But then we learned it has all these other benefits as well. If parents believe their children will survive — and if they have the power to time and space their pregnancies — they choose to have fewer children.

Bill: When a mother can choose how many children to have, her children are healthier, they’re better nourished, their mental capacities are higher — and parents have more time and money to spend on each child’s health and schooling. That’s how families and countries get out of poverty. This link between saving lives, a lower birthrate, and ending poverty was the most important early lesson Melinda and I learned about global health.


The alleged quote appears to be a misrepresentation of a statement Gates gave at a TED conference in 2010 ( here ), which has been repeatedly taken out of context (see for example here , here ). As part of a talk on reducing CO2 emissions to zero, he said: “First, we've got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent. But there, we see an increase of about 1.3.”

As previously explained by Reuters here , in his speech he was not suggesting the global population should be killed by use of vaccines.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gates has been a constant target of disinformation ( here , here ). In an interview with Reuters this month here , he said he was taken aback by the volume of “crazy” and “evil” conspiracy theories about him spreading on social media during the pandemic and would like to explore what is behind them.


False. There is no evidence Bill Gates said “at least 3 billion people need to die”. The statement appears to be a misrepresentation of his view on slowing population growth through improving access to healthcare, including vaccination and contraception.



False. There is no evidence to suggest the COVID-19 pandemic was planned, and the similarity in the numbers between the newspaper’s publication, the 9/11 feature and the Pfizer vaccine announcement do not give rise to this. The Bill Gates quote on the front of the newspaper has also been taken out of context.


His logic is if people learn about proper family planning and contraception there will be less unwanted pregnancies and the population will decline.

How do "new vaccines" fit into this family planning strategy?

People have lots of babies because they die.
If babies stop dying, the need to have so many babies will decrease.

Vaccines (properly tested etc) are a great way to reduce infant mortality.

We know this is true from the way birth rates have dropped in all countries once infant mortality decreases.

@WorldSigh well there have been reports of sterility in males as a side effect of the 'vaccines' and problems with women having miscarriages due to the 'vaccine' (the reason why they stopped testing on women in trials in Africa). If you can't produce, that makes family planning fairly straight forward 😁.


Numbers from 2020 list Syria as having the highest annual population growth rate on the planet, at 4.25%.
It’s infant mortality rate is 101 out of every country on earth.
Furthermore, Syria is not listed among the top 20 countries by birth rate.

You are comparing Syria with other countries when you should be comparing Syria with itself.
When you compare with other countries you ignore effect such as religion and war etc...

When you look at each country birth rate vs infant mortality it is over the long term inversely correlated.

Famous Swedish professor who recently died did a lot of YouTube videos on it. Forgot his name know.
Education and development always correlated with decreasing birth rates.

You may be correct. I am no expert on birth rates vs infant mortality. I do know that in Africa and I believe India, many of Gates’ "life saving’ vaccines have resulted in numerous deaths. He is not well liked, particularly in Africa. If you trust his vaccines, that is your choice. I hope it works out well for you.

The validity of Gates vaccines and his positive or negative effect is another matter... I do not know enough to comment on that.

I am just trying to explain that when he made the statement in the original post, it is not necessarily evil and the statement itself is correct.

Personally I oppose the quick development and lack of testing as well as the claims made of the vaccines.
It may be that the vaccines do work (Israel for example appears to do really well after full vaccination), so maybe it turns out well after all. However I feel they took a gamble for political reasons and we are the chips on the poker table.

@Hanno I don't think there is enough of Gate's comment or the question asked to provide light on everything his answer addresses, so I can't comment on the vaccine part etc.
I also don't believe the conspiracy bias against Gates... so much of it has been proven to be wrong or lies.


I don’t have a link to Gates’ TED talk. I did watch it. When he wrote an equation relating to greenhouse gas emission, and pointed to the one variable that would plausibly lower output, it was human population. This man does not have the well being of humanity in mind.

Check out some of his humanitarian vaccine work around the world! []

@WorldSigh Well it is true that the less people we have on the planet the less pollution and emissions we create... no doubt about it.
The club of Rome used to talk about sustainability and population growth too.
Many people have discussed it over the years.

@WorldSigh I hardly think the site you cite is unbiased or even accurate.
re what Hanno was saying...

Gates has long been a proponent of population control to target the roots of poverty and unrest, and told Forbes magazine in 2011 that when he first entered public health, it was to focus on contraception (here) . When he later saw data suggesting that when mortality rates fall, so, too, do birth rates, Gates shifted his focus from preventing births to saving people already alive. He told Forbes: “We moved pretty heavily into vaccines once we understood that.”

We are all entitled to our opinions. I see that you used snopes for some of your fact checking. There may be a more biased fact checker on the planet, but I doubt it.

@WorldSigh LOL cherry picking now eh. Snopes has been very good for a very long time... your sources however are just crackpots... I note snopes was not my major source just one of many you could have fact checked your rubbish with.


You caught me on a bad day. You are blocked! Be well!


His logic is people have less kids if more of them survive....?

Yes, this is exactly the case in all countries the past 200 years.
Where infant mortality decreases, birth rates drop sharply in the decades that follow.
You can look at any country in the world and you will see that in there population history.

he doesn't want them to survive, that's why he funds his killer, maiming, delibiltating, poisonous vaccines. Bill Gates is a eugenicist, so were his parents. He also said once that the world would ideally need to eliminate about 90% of the population "and once that intervention is made the rest of us can sustain the planet the way it was meant to be." So he calls his mass murder and sterilization plans an "intervention" so he and others who are worthy can have it al to themselves. He also said in the future people should only be allowed to have children if they have a permit from the government. Of course they will allow the riff raff to have children so the older slaves can be replaced, you know, refresh the stable every now and then.


He is allowed to do this destruction of th human race. America lets him do it. Why is Monsanto still in business? Because America permits it.

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