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Boris Johnson says it's Ok to be woke!

Is conservatism dead now?

bastion 7 Jan 21
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Boris also thinks his hair looks neat.

Yes, Boris is useless.

@bastion If he is useless as you say...Why do you post things he says ? .... To make a useless point ? grin 1+ 1 = ??? C'mon Winston... amaze me.

@RemiDallaire You agreed he was useless before Remi!

@bastion That's why i don't post about him. LOL You do...TO MAKE USELESS POINTS. I thought you could get a point...But you just move the goal posts to hide the fact that you have no point to make H... 1 + 1= ?? simple logic Winston.

@RemiDallaire Are you OK? I thought it was a good discussion topic Remi - Boris Johnson says it's Ok to be woke! 🙂

@bastion And you say he is useless... So why bringing him up at all ? 😉 I'm fine...Hows Julia ?

@RemiDallaire Free speech Remi!

@bastion I did not delete or ban anything you say Winston... since your return Free speech...which means I can question your logic and your motivation... right ? And I am happy to say.... Winston you don't exist wink wink

@RemiDallaire ok lol

@bastion Have a nice day Winston 😉

@RemiDallaire lol nice meme Remi!


Yes. The left will come out and praise him most certainly as noted by some of the comments from leftists here. LOL.

I can't figure out where all the pressure is coming from that apparently "conservative" leaders will succumb. Are they getting it from their woke wives - seems to be the case here. And with Prince Harry as he bemoans his latest choices in life.

I still think Johnson is a useless clown if that helps?

He's just a coward, wants to be liked.


Like many politicians, he seems to have converted to ‘the dark side’. This isn’t uncommon as most people can’t resist the appeal of power or even the desire to be in the “in-crowd”.

Pray for him is you have a relationship with God. There’s still hope as long as he’s alive.

God is Dead.

This sounds pretty unhinged to be honest.

Woke politicians are the most dangerous because they don't think about their consequences...just the mob votes to keep them in power.

Liberals don't care about anyone else except themselves, and given time they will soon start to devourer each other

@N0DD interesting assertion.

Leaving aside the fact that you chose to ignore the main part of the comment that power corrupts, your comment makes me wonder.

Since God exists from eternity past until eternity future (always), are you saying that He is dead to you? Dead to the world as a whole? Did you think the “he” in my final sentence was referring to God? Or is it just your way of saying, “I’m angry with anybody that has a relationship with God and is willing to share it with others?

Since death is a separation (physical death is separation of soul or who you are from your body; spiritual death is separation of your soul or who you are from God), God can’t die as He has no physical body (unless you’d like to discuss the times when He put on a physical form as depicted in the Bible) from which to separate. His spiritual death is also impossible as He can’t be separated from Himself.

I don’t want to bore you with things of which you have no interest, so I’ll leave you with the original question as to what point you were attempting to make. If you do indeed have I te rest in discussing the issues of how it is impossible fir God to be dead, I’d be open to discussing that further as well.

@Daveclark5 Nietzsche🤣🤣🤣

@N0DD oh... SHAWV


His girlfriend told him to say that.

N0DD Level 7 Jan 21, 2021

He's so useless he can't even do idiotic culture war stuff properly lol.

Ha ha ! My first thought too 🤪

@bastion he's thick as mince which actually makes him so dangerous, he surrounds himself with equally useless cretins hence the demise of tje former UK.

@N0DD yeah he's an idiot and it's funny how they all talked about him before he become PM - he's just a useless posh tit.

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