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Nothing like White Liberals showing their true racist colors. I missed the memo that indicated how I'm supposed to think and who I am supposed to vote for.

BlackoutNJ 7 Nov 24
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"Maybe the KKK likes less government" 😂

I don't condone the KKK, but omg that was a great comeback lol

If I were to solely base my vote on personality, or "character purity", I would not be able to vote for Trump or Biden. A step further, I would not have voted for a single previous president in our history.

lol I love when people talk about the KKK like they are running around the country controlling things. They are the American boogiemen that liberals love to conjure up not realizing that they were their old henchmen. do people know what or who the KKK supports? Do we really think that the Brooklyn liberals have any idea about some KKK group in a rural area?

@BlackoutNJ lol good question. I personally have never met one, but apparently they're literally everywhere.😂


LOL this is a global problem with Progressives... they can't see the forest for the trees...
They are oblivious to their own hypocrisy.

That's because they think the trees are racist


Exactly we know who the real racists are, the Liebreals tell and show us daily!

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