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It's not "emotional blackmail," but asking to stay true to their alleged principles.

A1fredo 7 Nov 23
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Fredo, I don't know what is going on in your life, but you seem to be going off the deep end!!!
I pray things get better for you!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Nov 25, 2020

@A1fredo So, what are YOU doing for yourself, besides begging, to feed yourself!!!
I have been to Mexico many times, and yes there are poor people, same as here, but you have a middle and upper class there also!!!
So, why are you so poor that you can not eat????


Try this -
Matthew 5:42 Give to the one who asks of you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.

The epitome of what it means to be a human is demonstrated by Jesus. What can I do for you?




I have no idea what this is saying or what the point of it is.
Help. 😮

ktpinto Level 6 Nov 23, 2020

@A1fredo Well... first of all, Jesus wasn't poor. He was given riches at birth. His father was a "carpenter", which made him upper middle class if not more, and so was he. He and his mother and (four of) his friends were invited to a wedding of two wealthy people at Cana. The roman soldiers at his death gambled over his worldly goods, including his high-end "seem-less robe". So poor, he was not.

And talk about the deadly sin of Pride, comparing yourself to Jesus. In any language, that's a whole lot of hubris.

@A1fredo If you believe you're uneducated, then maybe you shouldn't be surprised when people don't understand your memes.

Also, you learn from making mistakes and being corrected on them. Your meme is full of mistakes. But apparently you don't want to learn from it and correct it accordingly. -shrug-

@A1fredo Yeah, I'm not mocking your meme. Your meme is inaccurate and your hubris is appalling.
And please don't pull the victim card with me. It doesn't work for me and makes me care even less about what you have to say.
And you do this every time that someone corrects you or disagrees. Just knock it off.
That's what I have to say about what you said. Be a grown up and accept that your meme makes no sense, is inaccurate and will not get you the reaction or results you want.
But you do you, "poor unfortunate soul" LOL!

@A1fredo Hey look! Two more people who have no idea what you're trying to say.
But yeah, I'm just mocking your meme... it's not like I know what I'm talking about or anything...


Where did this come from?

Xtra Level 8 Nov 23, 2020
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