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A friend of mine sent me these photos today. Many young children, especially if they live near the sea, could probably tell there's something wrong with these photos. Their parents could then tell them about dirty littered beaches, and tell them that it is important that beaches are kept clean for those creatures that live there and in the sea. It's no different from telling their children not to throw litter on the streets. It's good manners, it's normal practice, and it's common sense. All decent parents tell this to their children. They don't need environmental activists to do that. These pictures don't need any message or caption, let alone, there is no need for virtue-signaling. 😜

Naomi 8 Nov 23
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The picture of the bird with a cup lid on it's beak, is bogus. Any bird would have no problem at all removing this. Some one has found a dead bird and forced this item onto it's beak, in order to create this image.

Only a naive fool, would be taken in by this

I don't do speculations, thanks.


My question is ... what beaches are these? We encounter that situation along the coastline of British Columbia but it's not us, at least for the most part. All that stuff washes in after a tsunami in Japan or one of the other Asian countries.

It's an unfortunate reality that the undeveloped countries in Africa and Asia typically use their rivers as a garbage disposal system, then it all washes up on the shores of the developed nations who end up carrying the brunt of the consequences.

What do you mean "it's not us"? It takes only one person to spoil a beautiful beach by casually throwing litter, like an empty can or bottle, that will be eventually washed away into the ocean. I live near the coast and beach clean-ups are a regular community thing although we also have cleaning staff employed by the local authority.

@Naomi Vancouver is one of the most eco-centric places you can find. Greenpeace was founded there, and environmentalists abound everywhere including David Suzuki who's made millions with all his television and lecture appearances on saving the planet. It's been drilled into us since at least the '70s.

The situation remains the same, that garbage from across the pacific washes onto our front doorstep and we're the ones having all these environmental taxes and various "green" programs pushed on us. Former Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore has stated himself in lectures that a large source of the problem is the underdeveloped countries using their waterways as garbage disposal systems.

I don't like Greenpeace all that much; I often disagree with their tactics. Still, surely, you are not saying that you would rather stop paying green tax and let your local beaches be with filth.


Yep. My parents had a zero tolerance policy for littering. We were responsible for our actions. Period.

Today, woke progressives see personal responsibility is old fashioned. They blame littering on the same thing they blame everything else. They see the world not as one built of personal responsibility but rather a patriarchal capitalist system where environmental issues will only be resolved with the Paris Accord and the elimination of fossil fuels.

GeeMac Level 8 Nov 23, 2020

You can't expect young children to understand capitalism or the Paris Accord. Lol They don't have to. They can see that fish shouldn't be swimming in the plastic-filled sea, and that's their own understanding about looking after the environment already, which I think is wonderful. Education starts at home.

Most of these things are, made in China. China, is not a patriarchal capitalist system.

@martyn500 arguably, China — although an authoritarian dictatorship — is both patriarchal and capitalist

@Naomi oh dear Naomi, how I wish you were right about kids not knowing that stuff. The education system drills anti-capitalism into their little heads from day one. I’ll agree they don't understand capitalism. Its not due to a lack of intellect, kids are extremely sharp. Its because they are drowning in progressive anti-western propaganda.

@GeeMac I'm talking about 3, 4 & 5 year olds, in the UK to be precise...
"The education system drills anti-capitalism into their little heads from day one." Which education system do you mean is "the education system"? Are you talking about the Canadian education system? Otherwise, it is a strange generalisation...

@Naomi It’s not a generalization at all. By “education system” — of course I mean schools children are required to attend in most countries from the ages of 5 to about 18, followed by a post-secondary or university system.

Most teachers and educational materials — by that I mean text books, audio visuals, and teaching aids — are biased toward the left, and against western tradition.

One of the best examples is the revised western history narrative spearheaded by Howard Zinn, the man who singlehandedly reimagined Christopher Columbus as a patriarchal, genocidal rapist. Zinn’s followers and teachings are embedded in the curriculum all over the western world and children are being taught to be ashamed of their own history and their culture.

Have you not heard of the campaign to dethrone Cecil Rhodes at Oxford? All part of what’s being drilled into children’s heads.

@GeeMac Again, you're talking in general terms. You're talking as if you know exactly what is going on in the education/academic world on a global scale; you're talking as if you know exactly what is going on in every single school and college in every single town and city in every single region and country in the world.
"Most teachers and educational materials — by that I mean text books, audio visuals, and teaching aids — are biased toward the left, and against western tradition." That's rhetoric. You sound like a propaganda machine! You don't sound like you have ever been actually involved in education as a professional like a headmaster, a teacher, a classroom assistant, education advisor, etc. You initially said "The education system drills anti-capitalism into their little heads from day one." Well, I can tell you specifically that in my school, there is no such thing as an anti-capitalism program incorporated in the school curriculum which corresponds to the national curriculum. And there are many in the educational field who are right against the view you presented in your comment. Katharine Birbalsingh is one of them. I rest my case.

@Naomi I’m a great admirer of Birbalsingh and many others like Theodore Daylrimple who have long warned — call it propaganda if you wish — that there is a decided progressive bias and anti-western attitude throughout the education system.

Dalrymple, writing on the UK system in Spoilt Rotten sums up:

The attempt to fill minds otherwise innocent of information has resulted in indoctrination with sentimentalism. The only chemical of which children have heard is carbon dioxide because it is a greenhouse gas; they want to save the planet though they can’t find China on a map or define a contour. They know that history has been a struggle between oppressor and oppressed because the historical episodes of which they are aware are the Atlantic Slave Trade and the Holocaust (not necessarily in that order).
The triumph of the romantic view of education was... disastrous.

It’s silly to suggest any criticism is absolute, applying to every person and every instance in every school. I’m thinking that comment was more playful than serious? I’m even more sure you don’t believe that one has to be an “education professional” before being permitted to criticize a system to which we turn over the impressionable minds of children for a dozen years or more.


As a child I was taught that "littering"was beyond the pale, mu Mum used to say if you wouldn't do that in your house you shouldn't do it on the streets. Of course in those days where we lived city councils wanted their town to be the 'best' there were older men employed to walk certain sections of town with a cart with bins on it whose sole job was to strip the streets of any litter that may have been dropped or blown about by the wind, they took their job seriously and would not hesitate to shout at young rascals who would drop their fish and chip wrappers in the gutter. Nowadays its all Styrofoam containers and curry, coke cans and needles. Do Mums and Dads even teach about litter dirt and clean streets

Hello there. I hear you, but I would like to think that the majority are still decent people. We all have this bad habit of talking of a minority of people, in this case those who lack common sense and manners, as if they represent the majority/the entire society, I think.

Back in the ‘60’s & ‘70’s in NYC, we had garbage pickup EVERY day Mon-Saturday...alternate side of the street parking EVERY day for the street cleaners...(except holidays) who came by...every other day washing down the streets & gutters...up until the unions got too greedy & demanded too much $$$.


Well said @Naomi 🙂


People are such 🐷

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