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What are you gonna believe? The polls, or your lying eyes?

Edgework 8 Oct 24
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Best polls money can buy.


lol.... but the polls say....
Mind you Joe says lots of things too... but hey, mostly what he says are lies as well.


Thats not fair, there were two guys inside the bus.


They are going to cheat, we know how the Democrats roll. If it is enough to push Biden over the line I don't know. Remember the NY Democratic machine, Prendergast, and Daily machine.

wolfhnd Level 7 Oct 24, 2020

You need to watch the video of "Sleep Joe" admitting that he has the "most inclusive an extensive voter FRAUD organization in the history of American politics", while you still can!!!!

@Serg97 I'm assuming it's my bias but it just sounds like their voter fraud was a previous conversation and it slipped out during the speech because he's lost his filter. (What filter he had.)

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