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A comment from an Australian on an article by a LW Prog "journalist"

48 minutes ago
“Trump’s poor performance”

He’s led the US into no new wars
He’s routed ISIS (remember them?)
He’s rebuilt the US military (you know, the military we depend upon)
He’s stood up against China’s rapacious trade policies
He’s forced NATO countries to front up more for their own defence
He’s relocated the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem (long promised, never delivered until Trump) and recognised the Golan heights as being part of Israel (a must-have for Israel’s defence)
He’s brokered peace deals between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain (Nobel Peace Prize 2021?)
He’s curbed illegal immigration, including with a wall (OK, the Mexicans didn’t pay for it)
He’s replaced NAFTA with an improved trade deal with Mexico and Canada He reduced regulations and taxes, producing US energy independence and, before COVID hit, the lowest Black and Hispanic unemployment on record;
combined with an upsurge in real wage growth
He’s brought back manufacturing jobs when Obama and those in the know said it couldn’t be done
He’s promoted and signed the First Step Act to lessen the over-incarceration of black offenders
He’s established business opportunity zones in the inner cities to help minorities escape despair
He’s supported school choice and charter schools for disadvantaged children He’s promoted and signed a bill to provide permanent funding for traditionally black colleges.
e’s appointed objective federal judges and Supreme Court justices to defend the constitution, as distinct from politically motivated activists.

And what has Biden ever accomplished?

Do you agree or disagree with the comment?

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Lightman 7 Oct 17
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This is a list of achievements that the MSM does their best to hide from the people every day.

guru Level 6 Oct 18, 2020

Not that you'll hear the US media trumpeting these accomplishments.


“Trump’s poor performance” or "Trumps accomplishments"? I would say I agree Trump has had many great accomplishments. I'm unsure if that's yes or no for the poll.

the question is do you agree or disagree with the comment posted... not do you yes or no it.
I think you agree...


The question had me a little confused. What has Biden accomplished. Nothing. I can’t agree with a question.
Biden has done nothing, but the entire narrative makes me want to vote positively for Trump.
That’s my 3 cents, (pun intended) hear, see, speak.

Rick-A Level 7 Oct 17, 2020

Oh dear.... myself... I thought it was clear enough. Do you agree or disagree with the comment?

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