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LINK Demi Lovato - Commander In Chief - YouTube

Warning: CRINGE ALERT!!!


KanjaG 7 Oct 17
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Cheap Ho needs to be relevant.

Whoa, whoa. Cheap Hoes have many good and endearing qualities. I will not have you besmirching the (somewhat) good name of Cheap Hoes everywhere by comparing them to Demi Lovato.

Maybe compare Lovato to Burger King hamburgers or something?

@Penrodster How about ding dongs

@johnlondon Yeah, I can go for that.


Well, I love her voice at least. The simplistic melody and lyrics beg questioning how 4 writers were required to accomplish this neither "new" or "fresh" take on how bad Trump is, however.πŸ˜…

Also, the MAGA hatted man was probably the most cringe addition to this.πŸ˜–

Ben Shapiro Reaction to "Commander in Chief"


[I posted this comment on the video on YouTube and it's gone in seconds]

So what are the things that Trump does? Continuously lowering unemployment, lowering African-American unemployment to the LOWEST EVER, the same for Hispanic-American and Asian-Americans, lowest women unemployment in 65 years, lowest youth unemployment in half a century, lowest unemployment of veterans in 20 years, about 3.9 million off food stamps, continuously having record highs in the stock market, moving the embassy to Jerusalem and achieving more peace in the Middle East and around the world, bringing back manufacturing to the US and having the fastest growing manufacturing jobs in 3 decades... and many more (Obamacare individual mandate gone, replacing NAFTA with USMCA, more support for homosexuals and holding the rainbow flag in bride month which not even your Obama nor Hillary nor Biden did... and of course building the wall and the "Muslim ban" ). If I've been doing all that I'd be sleeping like a baby!

This page is not even updated with the latest and greatest:

Of course the stated numbers are a bit outdated.

When I told my lefty friends these facts, they said that we were still experiencing the affects of the Obama era πŸ€­πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

@KanjaG They are delusional. I would have asked them about Obama's era numbers. Most wouldn't know because they're clueless snowflakes! I'd asked them about manufacturing going out from the US to China and others during Obama's era. I would have asked them why neither Obama, Hillary nor racist Biden held the rainbow flag. I'd have asked them about the Middle East that's been on fire in Obama's era (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Libya especially Benghazi, the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia and Egypt, Yemen and Bahrain). Just to name a few!

@EgyptianRedpill These ppl get all there news from Buzzfeed so it would be no use. Can’t think fir themselves lol πŸ˜†