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War criminal

RemiDallaire 8 Oct 15
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The media made him a superstar, do nothing wrong president to his followers. But behind the scenes he was not even close.


He was only in office a few months, he had not did anything yet when he received the Nobel Prize, very insulting. He just allowed Bush stuff to coast along, thats why we never got out until Trump came along and actually pulled out our troops. The reality is Obama did not do a whole lot and he faced nothing but praise from the media, he had no opposition from the media on any point. Obama did not struggle or do much of anything. Its hardly something to admire. Some women admire the rich princess who did nothing to earn her status, Obama is sort of like that.


When you are abandoned by both parents, raised in a Muslim country, are half black, educated by Marxists, married to a black bigot, have black family in Africa and white family in the Midwest, you may have some issues 🙂

wolfhnd Level 7 Oct 15, 2020

Crazy is ...Crazy does....

He was, looked willingly Muslim, although 'quasi'(Lolo was quasi), actually RAISED by tyranny nurse and Barry loved dressing as a woman for the prostitution he ran in(likely to earn his keep). Went to a Muslim country that then ONLY allowed Muslims to visit, after stint at Occidental College. Stayed a Year and a half! Then Chicago, broke, going to gay bars(he's gay, of course), found 'friends' in high places, got connected. He's so twisted, he wouldn't know.
Great dancer, good for gay bars, even singer, and very political. I STRONGLY think he's adopted by Stanley.
Her parents back in the 40's were communist, not accepted then, but fairly well off. There's GOOD reasons he never got DNA tested or allowed his info to be public.
But VERY well liked, unlike Trump who DOES a LOT, is hated(and some of that is his impulsiveness.


Only president I know of who was against white America. God Damm America as Rev. Wright his mentor liked to say.


Nobel peace prize. LOL.

guru Level 7 Oct 15, 2020

This sociopath will probably live to see history vilify him.

I hope so.

I would just like to see one of these treasonous, politco criminals duly processed, maybe even while taking up (incarcerated) residence down at Gitmo.

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