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I hate to be a party pooper, and rain on the left's Green New Parade, but here are some facts. That's FACTS. Objective facts? Not truths. Not approved narrative. Simple facts. As is science.

In short, it won't work. It doesn't work now and never will.

But then, it was never about green, sustainable, renewble energy, which is why no one ever bothered to come up with these statitistics.

Five minutes of your time, to dispose of the Green New Deal. Forever.


Edgework 8 Sep 14
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Professor Dave explains.


The only viable option is nuclear, and with advances in plant design and using a molten salt reactor is much safer.

Fusion or Fission? It's Fusion.

@maxmaccc fission.......I think fusion is still 30 + years away.

@Rosary_Trace It's the better option. Hopefully fusion will be viable sooner rather than later.


Nuclear, wave and water turbine is not included. Batteries can be recycled and reassigned.
Some reduction in human consumption would also help. The cost has to be offset by the cost in climate change catastrophes too.
Batteries can be recycled, but recycling them is not easy due to the sophisticated chemical procedures involved. If not handled properly, the heavy metal contained in the battery can lead to contamination of the soil and water.

Batteries can be recycled through smelting, direct recovery, and other, newer processes. A smelting process is used to recover many minerals (e.g. lithium, cobalt, nickel) contained in the battery. After a battery is smelted, the lithium ends up as a mixed byproduct and extracting it is costly. While the cost of fully recycling a lithium-ion battery is about €1 per kilogram, the value of the raw minerals reclaimed from the process is only about a third of that.Another way to look at the cost of extraction of lithium from old batteries is that it is 5 times more expensive than mined lithium.

One of the premier EV battery recycling companies is Li-Cycle, a Canada-based company that uses advanced recycling technologies that can recover up to 100 percent of lithium from lithium-ion batteries. In the United States, California-based Redwood Materials and Retriev Technologies also recycle materials from old batteries. OnTo Technology, based in Oregon, is also pioneering advanced battery recycling processes.


As these advanced technology processes continue to develop, reusing batteries offers another route to their disposal and productivity. Many electric vehicle batteries which are ‘spent’ still have up to 70 percent of their capacity left– more than enough for other uses. After used electric vehicle batteries have been broken down, tested, and re-packaged, they can be used for things like home energy storage.

Manufacturers like Nissan and Renault are using old batteries to provide new services. In Japan, Nissan repurposed batteries to power streetlights. Renault has batteries backing up elevators in Paris. And GM is backing up its data center in Michigan with used Chevy Volt batteries. Old batteries can also be useful for storing solar energy and backing up traditional electrical grids. In addition, private companies like the UK-based Powervault and Australia-based Aceleron have created technologies that can turn batteries into home electricity storage units, electric bike batteries, and other tools. General Motors Co., BMW AG, Toyota Motor Corp., BYD Co. and several renewable-energy storage suppliers are among those trying to create an aftermarket, thereby obtaining extra profits.


A perpetual motion machine of the first kind produces work without the input of energy. It thus violates the first law of thermodynamics: the law of conservation of energy. ... This conversion of heat into useful work, without any side effect, is impossible, according to the second law of thermodynamics.

iThink Level 8 Sep 14, 2020

Come on brother let's be honest. You don't hate pooping on their parade with truth and facts. Perhaps if they had a calid, doable idea there would be something to feel bad about, but when you know this is not about anything but destruction of what freedom we have left, turning our's into a third world economy, and creating a sociailist tyranny to take control, there is nothing to hate about shedding light on their lies, and delusions.


Overall, pumped storage is a much more ecological and efficient system than are batteries.


Socialism and path to some kind of neo Marxist dystopia found its home in environmentalist movement. When you can't wait for nature to make the change for you fast enough, you help it out. Climate Change, nah, too slow for us, so we will just set few fires in the forest and preach the end of the world in 12 years. In reality Marxist bloodsucker found their way in ever corner of Western Civilization and environmentalist movement was just a way to ensure their social transformation happens fast and under disguise. We need to tax you because you know, climate change. We need to take your property away, because you know forest fires.

Along with Marxist ideologies there is old school corruption in politics for those that are just greedy but are not true believers. We need Green New Deal because you know much like military industrial complex this is environmentalist - lefty complex. To build all that green technology we will reward contracts to companies that will share part of the money with us or in which we have already stock shares. Or these companies payed for our political campaign expenses so we owe them contracts now. Etc. Just follow the money.

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