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For almost 4 years now the Democrats have been suffering from Sour Grapes and Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Even badly behaved children don't throw tantrums that last this long.
They are obsessed with Trump. He is their bete noir.
When will they get over losing the election?
Days after Trump’s inauguration, Madonna told a Washington DC protest that she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House”... Most people would have just shrugged it off as a one off thought, by an elitist Democrat supporter, just an ill-judged, rhetorical flourish. But we are now three and a half years on, and it stands as the first stone thrown by the elite supporters and the party that sees those that don't vote for them as Deplorables...
It's pretty obvious that Democrats don't believe in Democracy.
Power is all they care bout. Power and the Presidency.

At no stage have the Democrats accepted the will of the people. The political/media class rejected any idea that the Clinton campaign comprehensively failed, and that calling people deplorable is in itself... pretty deplorable.
The voters got it right... and that is the lesson that the Democrats need to learn.
Another is that the majority are sick of politics-as-usual.

What is the Democrat message today?
The only discernible campaign message coming from Joe Biden’s camp is that they must rid the country of Trump — he is evil incarnate, unworthy, crass, immoral, reckless, stupid and anything else they can think of to throw at him.

Trump has tried to drain the swamp, and that is a popular, palpable goal. But he will need more Republican votes to achieve that.
What have the Democrats done? Cried and lied...

Will the Marxists, Anarchists and Democrats accept the result or riot if Trump gets back in?

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Lightman 7 Aug 2
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The MSM will ensure that any protest or riot will be blown out of proportion just to show their support for the far left. All the progressive celebrities will get center stage to show their disgust that their opinions were ignored. And the democrats will show their hatred for the electorial college and for the blue states.


Either way we will all have to just take it. They are our fellow Americans, drat it, so on with the Orange Man Rule! He is a threat to all of the things about this Country we have in a civil manner argued against. The louder they hollar, the more we know we are Winning! yeah. (a cheer in a civil manner) Hahahahah


Trump didn't win the popular vote so he isn't representative of the "will of the people".

Everyone has known since ancient Athens that democracy is mob rule, that is why the U.S. is a republic and has an electoral college. That is why originally Senators were appointed by state legislatures. Why only people with property qualifications could vote.
Why we have a bill of rights that popular vote cannot overturn. Why and appointed court is coequal with the people's representatives. Why the president can veto legislation.

What defines the U.S. is the constitution. Technically if you don't believe in it you are not a citizen but an occupant of a piece of geography or a revolutionary. Most Democratic are occupants or revolutionaries. The constitution allows for that by setting up a process by which it can be peacefully be amended. The only problem is so many politicians swear allegiance to the constitution they don't believe in. If they were honest they would run entirely on a constitutional amendment platform. They know however they cannot get the two thirds vote they need so they compromise their own values. Can you really trust someone who doesn't stand behind their own values?


There needs to be a defeat of all Democrats at every level of government down to local dog catcher that is so plain that even they will understand the results. Strip them of power every where we can and the mandate needs to be so strong that we can have a shock and awe response to the rioting that will occur. To hit it hard at the start where ever they go so that the children will go sulk in their mom or grandma's basement. What has been allowed to happen in these cities is disgraceful and criminal, some of these mayors and governors need to be prosecuted.


Riot like spoiled children


Of course they'll'll be the same people, just a different slogan to yell. I find it baffling to hear the media asking the Trump administration, if he loses in November, will he accept the results of the election. As if the last 3 1/2 years have been a display of acceptance. I mean lets face it, we all know who's really behind all the unrest.


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