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{Part 3 of ?} DETOX AMERICA #3: Feminism can’t cover up all the distortions & lies that spews out of their Feminism Marxist Ideology. Even when they (the indoctrinated) feel so self righteous they as a feminists are sanctioned by their feminist divine goddess to transform everything everybody else sees or hears in to a narrative that fits their Marxist Ideology.

At the outset, let me assert that I for one personally am opposed to the death penalty. I don’t believe that it’s within human ability to make just & righteous decision that can’t be later corrected. Having said that, “It is not without purpose that hey carry a sword.” This government has been ordained by the Judaeo-Christian GOD, upon which faith (or ethic if you prefer) the United States was founded, to administer justice as it sees fit – including the death penalty. It’s easy for a Christian to see the righteousness in granting such authority to government to administer justice on HIS behalf He has in effect made government HIS servant. HE’S made such delegation with full recognition that is can & will be adjusted in the resurrection. Nowhere do I recall The Christ rejecting the authority that condemned & executed him – do you? However I do recall the words spoken during his execution to his fellow condemned: Luke 23:42 And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. 43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise. (kjv)

Western civilization needs to be purged (detoxed) of THE NOTION that physical objects of any shape or form are symbolic of anything other than what they actually are. That includes flags, monuments (including statues) or nooses. I dare say that a great many more Men have been executed by hanging that weren’t black than were. I’m guessing, mind you; but those things cost money an a good deal of effort – don’t they? And for that matter, weren’t those poor black Men (the Men in question) hung without due process on the word of white women. Men regardless of color need to get it through their heads that listening to women is destined to lead you to do something wrong for which they (those same women) will later accuse you of the deed because of your patriarchal toxic masculinity. President Trump is no different, he can’t please these Marxist bitches no matter what he does – he’s not Marxist/Feminist.

That’s just one more thing that needs purging (detoxing) from western (society) civilization. Isn’t Genesis 3:17-19 enough to stop you from listening to these women i.e. feminism? If not, start recognizing that your a masochist – live with it.

Did this stupid bitch ever dream that this noose was prepared by & for some poor Man consider suicide because he couldn’t take Marxist/Feminism persecution any longer – black, white or green. With the suicide rate of males as high as it is this noose is a perfectly reasonable scenario.

Young Men #WALKAWAY from socialist women & consider #MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way); but don’t help or white knight for women – why that’s benevolent sexism isn’t it?

CNN Jul 6, 2020
“Trump tweets Bubba Wallace should apologize to NASCAR”

1914wizard 6 July 7
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