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"We have had two pandemics this year: Covid-19 and Woke-2020." This is what Dave Rubin, author of 'Don't Burn This Book' said that his 8 year old son told him. Which makes me wonder, "Are children smarter than most adults these days?"

DeplorableToo 7 July 6
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Cognitively, there is a large disparity between the skills and abilities evident in all children, and they often have little correlation with later skills and abilities. A child who walks and talks at 4 years old may seem impaired, but that same child became a brilliant pHD in engineering. True story. And the reverse has been observed as well.


There is only one pandemic and it is the Woke 2020. The Left has everyone shaking in their boots over the common cold.


Few if any 8 year olds are capable of abstract thought. But most 8 year olds are very astute at picking up on ideas and words their parents use and able to sort out those that the parent will approve.
I've heard Shapiro boasting about his brilliant child before. Me thinks he is a typical alpha dad - pushing his young children in directions they are not intellectually ready to go. The kid parrots the things Dad says and the Dad thinks the kid is a genius...which he might be but they really won't know by the thing Shapiro tells us that his kid said. LOL

iThink Level 8 July 6, 2020

I do not entirely agree with that statement, as most 8 year olds of parents who work 50-60 hours per week spend more waking time with sitters, teachers and peers than they do with their parents. My daughter took her first steps, said her first words, and peddled her first bike without my presence. She spent her days with her nanny, and occasionally worked with me in the laboratory when she was 8 and 9, isolating DNA, loading agarose gels, etc. She was quite bright, even as a young child,. She graduated from HS at the age of 16, with 21 college credits. During her grade school years, she often made astute analysis of situations that made her nanny, teachers and myself scratch our heads. Maybe Rubin's eldest son heard statements like this from his nanny, peer or teacher? Or, maybe that was one of the 'scratch your head' clever moments for him?

of course there are exceptions - but the normal 8 year old is merely on the cusp of being able to formulate solutions to problems they have not yet encountered - abstract thought.
You know full well that almost all parents think their kid is special. LOL

Children often see things more clearly because the do not have the baggage adults have and do not understand the bullshit. This can mean they only see that which is important.

@Thasaidon a young childs' perception of that which is important is for obvious reasons almost always different from what older children and adults deem so.
Sure the childs mind is uncluttered by socialized BS...but their understanding of visual, auditory, sensory stimulation is superficial at best.

@iThink Granted, but that does not necessarily make them wrong.