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Jimi Hendrix

Obiwannosi 7 July 6
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the music itself was the protest. probably all the more effective considering the psychedelic state of most attendees.

RobD1 Level 6 July 7, 2020

Hey Johnny What are you rebelling against...what d ya got...
This is a great line from the movie "The Wild One" starring Marlon Brando.
That mob of mostly very young people at Woodstock when interviewed all said something that sounded a lot like "what d'ya got"...none of them could clearly articulate their ideas if they had any ideas at all beyond getting stoned getting fucked and generally trying to scare the hell out of "the establishment"...The "why" is really not very complicated....the "why" is - that's what young people do. They are hormonal - they really can't adequately articulate what it is that drives them. That's the first thing
The second thing is
One of the great motivating factors that nobody had the courage to admit to for the behavior of the young mob and the musicians themselves was their anger and fear over the military draft during the war in Vietnam. I was 18 at the time and I had the same fear but I don't believe I was angry about it.
Jimi Hendrix played a very loud, distorted version of The Star Spangled Banner. If you really listened to it you would know that he played it violently...made sounds like bombs exploding etc. It was really a mocking and cynical interpretation of the National Anthem - he was giving the crowd what they wanted - you might say Hindrix's performance was really a violently satirized interpretation of the National Anthem. The "kids" desperately needed something to rebel against in order to validate their hormonally driven frustrations and anger.
The response of the Woodstock crowds to Hendrix's rendition of the National Anthem was NOT patriotic. I was quite the opposite. Hendrix was talking to the crowd with his playing. He was telling them that the war in Vietnam was unjustified violence being done in the name of American Patriotism. And that that is why the young men were being drafted and being sent to Vietnam to fight and to die for their country...I dare surmise that if Hendrix had thought about it he would have burned an American Flag as he played the Star Spangled Banner.

iThink Level 8 July 6, 2020

@MaskedRiderChris I wouldn't blame the French entirely. I think some responsibility goes to POTUS Harry S Truman for not having the wherewithal to heed General Douglass MacArthurs advice to carry the war on into Korea after VJ day. If we - and our allies had done so there would never have been a "Korean War" which would almost certainly mitigated Asian/Chinese communist aggression throughout SE Asia.
I am not sure of how the French or why the French chose to go into Vietnam in the first place.


The grand parents of the nutjobs in antifa and BLM.


Burn guitars, not buildings!

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