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Are all of you Canucks excited and ready to celebrate Canada Day, tomorrow?

After, combing through the internet and local bulletins, I have discovered that Canada Day has gone virtual, or been cancelled, altogether. One local town is forgoing the traditional pancake breakfast in favour of an online posting of the mayor’s favourite pancake recipe!
Wow! Some fun! The globalist seasonal flu is doing its job. Destroying patriotism and the economy! Enjoy!!

WorldSigh 8 June 30
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I actually can't stand this country. I've literally developed a hate for it. Can't wait to leave ASAP! I actually own another entire home in another country but was forced by this POS government to come back. They own you here, you are their slave.

Sad u feel that way but you are not alone anymore!

Not to worry, it does not matter where you go. The political/corporate/religion will find you. It is a worldwide plague! The title of the movement is also the warning... Globalism is everywhere!

@WorldSigh I completely agree. The world has now become a war zone of sorts. Us against them in every country. Governments wants to control us all, government wants us to work for them as slaves. They want to revert to the days of Kings & Gods where we serve and appease them. Do not anger the Gods or they will surely wreak havoc on us all!!! They know it's effective and it's been used for thousands of years.

All these black lives matter people complaining about being treated as slaves 400 years ago. I wonder if they're aware we all continue to be slaves, to this very day. It has not changed.

Just the level of acceptance of the illusion of choice has changed. They've convinced you that you are free, when in truth you are not. This country will decide what you can and cannot do, this country owns you.

It's pathetic.

They have manipulated the serfs into pointing their fingers left and right, every direction but the source of trouble, up!


I'm in an area where about 50% of the population is indigenous, and they view Canada Day as the day whites celebrate taking their land.

For good relations, our community generally celebrates it as a general holiday and not a flag waving kind of event.

I lived in Burns Lake a few decades ago. It was the same way back then.

Yea, taking their land? Ha, Like other areas like the South Pacific the Natives thought that airplanes bringing Western goods were Gods and wanted all they could get. What do you think the HBC was for. These were called "tradeing post" Indians and set up their tents as close to the trading psot as they could get to GET THE STUFF...and did not care about land as most were nomadic anyway. THIS is the real histroy, not what some Chump Social Science professor concocts out of thin air.

@WorldSigh The situation is actually much better now. The generation growing up after the '70s are more interested in economic development and partnerships rather than occupying a bench with a bottle of hooch.


Will the gay parade be held both in Vancouver and Toronto???

Does this answer your question?

@WorldSigh Damn, that's a picture I wish I could un-see.

Yes but no Canada day gathers as could cause Wuhan flu out break but u know the LGBTQRST... are immune just like BLM or ANTIFAV


Bon Apetit

Tati Level 6 June 30, 2020

Yes, destroying patriotism, destroying national pride, destroying the Christian religions, disheartening the nation with false narratives. Indeed, Trudope and his Liberal Communists are following the Communist plans.


Yep just a joyous day! πŸ€ͺ😷

Header Level 8 June 30, 2020

You have certainly made my day, Ms Header! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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