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The false theory of systemic racism in Education

Leftists like to give the simple equation that public schools are paid by property taxes and because people live in poorer neighborhoods where renting is more prevalent, they do not get enough funding for schools. This is clearly leaving out the whole equations. Public schools receive funding from 4 sources: Federal, State, Local and sometimes private. The percentages vary as far as how much is contributed between the four sources, but we can easily measure how much money schools are spending with Per-Pupil statistics.
We will use the examples of Baltimore, Detroit and Cleveland and compare to their state averages. Baltimore spends around $16,000 per pupil whereas Maryland’s state spending averages around $14,200. Detroit spends around $14,200 per pupil whereas Michigan’s state spending averages around $11,600 per pupil. Cleveland spends around $20,000 per pupil whereas Ohio’s state spending averages around $12,000 per pupil.

Clearly, they are spending money in these school districts that are majority Black. The question is why are they failing these children? Bad administration, bloated salaries, teachers’ unions, debt and poorly focused budgeting by school districts & local government. Every year local officials across the country figure out how much money school districts get and where that money is being focused towards. The mayors are determining the amount and the school boards are stating where this money goes within the school system. They are voted in and have party affiliation. Politicians are wastefully spending every year, and nothing changes for these public schools.

Money is not the complete indicator for success of children. If that was the case, how come Charter schools can come into a poor neighborhood, use the same tax dollars and create a safer and higher performing school? The answer is better management and less bureaucracy. Therefore, school choice matters for these areas as it allows for parents to determine the future for their children.

The theory that lower local taxes generated as being the determining factor for poorer performing schools in cities across the country does not make complete sense. Even if there is a greater population of people that are renting in these cities, they are paying someone that owns that property, hence, someone is paying local taxes. Other than project housing that is government sourced, private landlords and property management groups are paying the city property taxes. Even if residents are on Section 8, that money is going to a property owner that is paying property taxes. No state has a flat tax rate for every town or city because this is determined by the local government and highly populated cities tend to tax a higher percentage for property taxes than lower populated towns.

BlackoutNJ 7 June 8
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The success of Charter Schools should make teachers want to emulate them, not destroy them. But that would require lazy people to do their job and work harder. It's easier to destroy something that makes them look bad.

Lilu Level 5 July 29, 2020

the amount of money and the location of the school have little to do with the the problems that our schools face. The manner in which it is taught and the content of what is taught is what is causing the problems. There are three different learning types the so called modern schools still only use one the visual. auditory and kinetic learners are labeled as ADHD and given drugs. The content based on an evolutionary model teaches no absolutes this is a problem with math and the sciences that are based on absolutes. Then we come to the Origin of the Species that started the whole master race thing and sub species that is the base for all psychological teaching that has become a way to excuse bad behavior. Now our schools have become indoctrination centers that train useful idiots to do the bidding of rich psychopath dictators.

KeVince Level 8 June 8, 2020

Throwing more money at education does not, has not and will not help.
In NYC the mafia took so much on construction projects, that it cost 2/3 more, to pour the same amount of concrete, than it did 100 miles away.
The cycle of poverty is a very sad thing.
ALL 12 year olds are ignorant regardless of color.
I poverty stricken areas there is an extremely high likelihood that girls will be pregnant while ignorant. The cycle repeats to the point that a generation in the ghetto is years shorter than average.
Parents don’t understand the value of education. Their children will waste their educational opportunities and the cycle will repay. It’s the same in poor white or Hispanic areas .We as a country have wasted $Billions on this issue and the only return we have for our money is an overall lowering of our countries educational standards.
This is a black cultural problem, the remedies will have to come from within.

David42 Level 7 June 8, 2020

I agree with what you said. I just hate when they use dollars as a determining factor of success.

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