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Feb 21Feb 21

Posted by coloredpencils
Queer Something I have noticed is many people on Twitter use the word queer. Sometimes, that is the only word they use and they appear otherwise straight. I guess this is random but does this usage annoy anyone else? I feel like LGBT has ...
Jan 24Jan 24

Posted by Caseyxsharp2
I wish to tell you some stories. It's nothing that involved complex thought of any sort, it's just or not that i just thought you might find them interesting it's just that it is interesting, and I've not had the chance to tell any girls about this ...
Arielle Scarcella FanSpace!
Jul 20, 2020Jul 2020

Posted by SabrinaGaytan
Arielle i I just watched you're recent post. I see that you support the trans community. I don't understand why they say your not.
Jun 27, 2020Jun 2020

Posted by Chanel
Regarding your video: "I Lived As A Woman For 10 Years, Then Missed Being A Man" The part that jumped out to me in this interview was Dustin declaring that when he transitioned he destroyed all memories etc of his past self and then 10 years latter ...
Arielle Scarcella FanSpace!
Jun 24, 2020Jun 2020

Posted by ariellescarcella
Ex-Muslim Gay Man Escapes Homophobic Religion. What questions do you have for him? Video coming soon!!
Jun 15, 2020Jun 2020

Posted by BlakeTheRake
Your recent video on straight women and lesbian toys was funny and I guess eye opening. To see the demographics of who watches certain porn is always intriguing, but I never would have thought straight women watch lesbian porn the most. Complaint I ...
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Arielle Scarcella FanSpace!
Jun 9, 2020Jun 2020

Posted by Georgina123
'Pedophiles Are Infiltrating The LGBT Movement? (Yup, It's Happening)' I have felt for quite some time, that there isn't enough support for people who obtain this attraction for children, and who are now naming themselves as a minor attracted person...
May 21, 2020May 2020

Posted by FauxRailey_irl
I enjoyed your latest video. Open and Poly relationships are definitely something I have looked into. I am definitely of the opinion that you can love multiple people at the same time. That being said if I were to be in a relationship one might ...

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Posted by NaomiShould there be legal restrictions on trans athletes competing in schools?

Posted by Naomi"Super Bi", “Super Gay”, “Super Lesbian”... So, is there anything wrong with "Super Straight"? Are you offended by the term?

Posted by ariellescarcellaHow do we feel about this? "Men and the rest" Why do men get the "safe space" toilet when they are not the ones who generally at risk?

Posted by AtitayaWoah. This is beyond madness. 😂😂 “There’s a lot to unpack here.”

Posted by TheHerrDarkSince you are an expert, Doesn't this ad look like a woman taking her top off? Did the Oculus design and marketing team really go there?

Posted by TheHerrDarkRemember when the leftist said Trump would shake Hitler's hand?

Posted by ariellescarcellaMen in dresses. Good, bad? Who cares?

Posted by ariellescarcella"I'm black, trans & I'm voting for Trump" AWESOME What do you guys think? []

Posted by ariellescarcellaShould American voters be given a GOOD third or fourth party for elections? []

Posted by ariellescarcellaShould people call themselves "trans women" while presenting completely male / as a man?

Posted by ariellescarcellaShould people call themselves "trans women" while presenting completely male / as a man?

Posted by Chaddy685Great interview on louder with Crowder! I’m a fan and you lured me on the site

Posted by AndersTfw your gynecologist is a swan.

Posted by AtitayaI recently found this topic.

Posted by ariellescarcellaProgressives love talking about micro-aggressions & completely ignore human trafficking. Let’s talk about it []

Posted by LostOkieMy daughter sent me your YouTube video and I just want to say thank you.

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