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MAPS (Minor Attracted People) Do we believe this is something that they can't help? Is it a mental illness?

ariellescarcella 7 May 25
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Mental illness.


Hell no they are NOT part of the gay community! As a survivor of childhood sexual trauma at the hands of pedophiles (unfortunately, more than one), from age 4 to age 12, I can tell you that there is no consent, and there is certainly no love involved in ANY of the horrific things they put their victims through.
As a lesbian woman I am sickened and HORRIFIED that they even suggest that they should be included.
Sorry, but those claiming to not act upon their urges, well it is ONLY a matter of time! They are ticking time bombs, and when they do act upon their urge, they will leave a child scarred for life! I am almost 51, and still dealing with the psychological scars.


Hi Arielle and the other visitors,

I'm to little informed to really defend MAPS and from what I know pedophelia is not oke, but for some reason I do feel sad for the MAPS to be called sick for it. Although I also feel a bit uncomfortable by the idea, I assume that they would've rather also not been MAPS. I once heard an interview with MAPS and it struck me that one person mentioned, as they were truly in love with a minor, that they would never harm this person ( out of this love I suppose). Although I don't feel like they belong in the LGBT community, I do hope that better times will come for MAPS. I can imagine them going through the same self hatred and feelings of unfullfilling love-related prospects as I felt when I couldn't deny that I'm attracted to women.

Is there no way for them to feel accepted without joining LGBT? That's what I'm curious about


This may be offensive (so sorry in advance), but wasn't homosexuality considered a mental illness by the general public until pretty recently? While I get that same sex marriage is between 2 consenting adults, so it is completely different. Same sex attraction was(and still is in some circles) considered to me sexually deviant and/ or mentally ill. Similar to the general opinion about pedophilia today. Is it possible that if the "MAPS" fight long enough and hard enough this might be considered "acceptable " in like 40 years?


I am more inclined to put pedophilia in the mental illness category, born with or formed through PTSD of some kind. At the end of every argument should be that nothing justifies it and it still needs to be ostracized from civilized society. Which gives me my inclination toward mental illness. That's not me saying dehumanize them simply on the basis they are minor attracted, or dehumanize anyone simply because they struggle to fit into a normal functioning civilized society. Just that, as a definitional point, a mental illness is something that will, for whatever reason, ostracize you from society.

Pedophilia will, and should, make you a dissident from a civilized, liberal society.


Fuck maps...That is Pedophilia. Find you a grown person or be an Incel.


Developing teens (call them what you will) have lots of urges and curiosity. Fine. They should be exploring those with their peers/classmates as they become comfortable with their bodies, not someone significantly different in age and development. The difference between 14 and 18 for example, is pretty big. Make it a bigger age gap and the differences are even greater proportionately. I've dealt with the aftermath of that kind of interaction with victims (kids) and their own responses can vary from nothing major so becoming offenders themselves, to appearing functional but not being sound and having the aftermath show up after decades.

Older folks have the responsibility to avoid this. I've seen teens (almost always girls as they develop, not mature faster) who are really trying out their wings and have no boundaries. Borders on creepy, as I have been the target and had to push back. I make a lousy puritan, but there are some things that just don't pass the smell test.


(Leftie take) I'm... sooooooooooo on the fence on this. (for once I will be completely on the same side as the comments section in this place, cause pedophiles can fuck off, its all discussion of how)

My biggest problem is that while pedophilia can be gay/lesbian/straight or bi, or even an agender attraction where the person is attracted to the fact of childhood, it still doesn't count as a sexuality. Those kids, once they grow out of being a kid or out of whatever range the pedophile is attracted to, to then what? They are no longer attractive? My qualm is that doesn't sound like a sexuality, it sounds like a kink or a fetish but even those words mean better things. Paraphilia (while I don't like the word cause its in large part due to and used in the shaming of people) is probably the best word.

The word MAP unsettles me to the core, cause if it'd've been a scientific, and those identified with it (who aren't offenders) would be put into therapy and help then fine. But its... not... its what pedophiles call themselves online in their twitter bios and tumblers. And to me that looks like normalisation. Which, while important to make sure people come forward for therapy, is not good in terms of it shouldn't be something society accepts.

TL;DR, I don't know but I hope its a mental illness that can be cured with therapy.


You have to draw the line between whether it's the thought itself that cannot be prevented or the actions they take that cannot be prevented. According to the American Psychiatric Association, mental illnesses involve health conditions that cause distress or problems with an individual's ability to function in society, work, or their family. I would figure that being attracted to minors would be considered a problem with someone's ability to function in society (and within their family), so it could be considered a mental illness. However, labeling something as a mental illness does not excuse the behavior. Actions against a minor are illegal whether or not someone has an attraction. Responsibility over one's actions should not be downplayed due to a label of mental illness.


First off a map is something I consult to find a location.

Use the correct term pedophilia, lets not allow people who engage in forced sexual activities dress their behaviour up as something benign.

It is a fetish and they cannot help it, but as it involves non consenting minors it is sick and inexcusable.

Chanel Level 6 May 26, 2020

Mental Illness. It’s all on how they handle it.


The podcast sluts and scholars interviews a self proclaimed MAP. I’m not sure if I agree with the way they approach it 100% but might provide another viewpoint/perspective on how to treat MAPs both socially and clinically


*What Makes a Man a Man, A friend once wondered.
Is it his origins, the way he comes to life?
I don't think so.

Its the choices he makes; not how he starts things but how he decides to end things.*

I think that's a pretty good standard.

Mother nature's an evil mad scientist, and she did all sorts of odd experiments on us. Fortunately, most of the time we humans can figure out how to un-screw ourselves from her taloned clutches enough to not cause each other much harm.

There will always be people we don't understand, and that rule of "actions matter - thoughts don't" will cover pretty much everyone, no matter how their minds work. It's discouraging harm, while letting them handle things in whatever ways work best for them, that we outsiders often won't understand.


Most self-described pedophiles I have spoken to online seem to either want age of consent laws removed, or believe that child/adult intercourse is usually good for children, including pre-pubescent children, or be quite immature and make comments like, "I want to be able to talk about how sexy I find pre-pubescent boys in the same way most men can talk about adult women."

That's not saying that most pedophiles are like that...just that most pedophiles who are not like that seem to not see much reason to admit their attractions.

It may be wise to try to push society in the direction of expressing great sympathy towards people with attractions to children. There could be a lot of people in existence, hiding, feeling like they're monsters, and it may quite possibly be best for their psychological health to emphasize that: "No, you're not a monster. You just have an issue to deal with that most people don't, but you're not necessarily any worse of a person than anyone else."

If we do that though...we've got to keep in mind that attitude will definitely encourage every NAMBLA member and child groomer to swarm out of the woodwork and yell, at the tops of their lungs, "AND ALSO...IT SHOULD BE LEGAL FOR ME TO HAVE A 7 YEAR OLD WIFE!

If we, as a society, become more empathetic towards people with the impulse...we've got to also remember that this is not like homosexuality. This is not just a group of people who want to be left alone. This is a group of people who, some of them want to be left alone, and others of them want to be predators and aren't shy about it.


There are moral lines you do not cross, just because you can does not mean you should. something that involves minors is a red line imo.


Topics about this always make me laugh to myself. Throughout my time being an "edgy" teen and college student, I found my way to parts of the Internet I sometimes wish I never did and met quite a few people who are self-professed pedophiles. There's a few things I took away from the people I met and things I observed. The first, and at the time surprising, was that it was a 50/50 split men and women roughly. Second was that there was also a noticeable presence of trans people. Third, they ranged from all walks of life, some clearly having mental instability and some very sobering to talk to.

In all the time talking to them, they often made it clear that they saw a difference between a pedophile/hebephile and a "child rapist." Most said they would fantasize and claimed they were disgusted by those that would act on such urges. All of this was before the whole "MAPS" stuff started. I had also heard some argue about the science behind it, and even knew a few that argued Bible scripture for it.

Talking with "normal" people on various forums, chats, or in person, I have actually found that there are a lot of people that are mostly okay with the idea of someone being attracted to younger people, all with a different line in the sand around it. A handful of people have found it outright revolting and claim anyone like that was most likely abused as a child.

If we try to look at it from a scientific perspective, the obvious arguments would be around hebephilia and the "best chances to procreate." The idea is that a guy is going to look for the best chances at procreation, which would be along the lines of someone just in the puberty range, which obviously varies from person to person what age that is. This kind of argument also throws any form of homosexuality out the window, as well as anyone younger than a teen. This is why I think arguments around such things do not hold water, but at least do shed some light on potential ideas on the subject.

As far as the Bible quotes I have heard, they were often just random stuff around things that had happened. I think anyone with the ability to think can say that just because someone had done something way back when and it was "okay" then, does not mean it's okay now. I did not really care enough to remember any specific quotes, though.

So here's my takeaway on all of it. Sexuality has very loose rules and many exceptions. Plenty of people have urges around sex and many other things that we would not consider acceptable. Chances are it is a combination of who they are and how their life went that lead them there as with everything else. Since I don't like to judge people, I have a simple standard of what I think is reasonable for deeming things acceptable. Simply put, if you are not hurting anyone, I don't care what you think or do. Since I don't think a child can consent to sex or have a proper understanding of doing anything sexual, any actual acting out on such a thing I consider wrong. People can argue over a child's ability to consent, but I'm 30 and barely understand the ramifications of my own actions half the time or just outright don't think about it.

Now as far as is it a mental illness... that's a definite maybe. If the person acts without thinking about others or of the consequences, clearly causing harm, sure. I just don't think we can say anything with absolute certainty because while age measured in years is absolute, age by development is not as rigid. It is people with urges and the focus when it comes to what gets deemed an "illness" should be for a product of the actions around it, not just the idea.


It's definitely something that needs to be addressed. It's disturbing, but the internet gives people like this a voice. They spread the message amongst themselves that being attracted to 14 and 15 year olds isn't wrong, and is actually a natural thing. I'll be honest - when a 25 year old dude goes after an 8th grader with the intent to seduce and groom, that's an adult sexually targeting a child. It might be a mental illness, but for some people, it's purely pathological. If it's pathological, that turns it into a different kind of monster.


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