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This is in regards to your youtube video: Trans Woman : “I’m Glad I Didn’t Transition. I’m Terrified For Kids Today.”

That person is not trans. They have other issues and I am glad therapy is helping them, but they are not Trans. When people have GID they must transition, if people could just be talked out of it, people would take that easy route.

You have as much chance of praying the gay away as you do solving being transsexual with therapy. If someone claimed to have had the gay prayed away you would conclude that they are lying for political reasons or they never were gay to begin with and that is also the conclusion I have for this person.

There are alot of people who for whatever reason want to be considered trans and they simply are not. Having gender confusion or other issues does not make you transsexual.

Chanel 6 May 9
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I remember standing in the bathroom holding a knife to my dick trying to talk myself up on cutting the treasonous bastard off. I didn’t transition, though I do “go girl” from time to time and present feminine on line a lot.

If I could snap my fingers and have been born a girl I would. In a heartbeat. I loathe a great deal of myself on account of being male. It has fueled depression and anxiety, crippling social anxiety especially.

To say that I must transition is full on bullshit. Suicide rates don’t really go down after transitioning, and transitioning won’t fix the other issues.

Even worse for your point, Chanel, the trans community is constantly telling me that I’m #truscum or a filthy #transmedicalist when I say the non-dysphoric people make it worse for the dysphoric.

Casiah Level 4 May 11, 2020

That sounds so difficult, I'm sorry. I've known a couple people who have transitioned and all have been diagnosed with serious mental health disorders or personality disorders as well and at least one is homeless and another is a sex worker. Do you think trans people would fare better if they were identified as having a mental health issue in a more official capacity so the "lgbt", i don't know..."progressives" would back off? I think a lot about trans people, I hate the narrative that is out there and the constant "no babe your fine, it's THEM thats the problem" while you're like...burning up inside because I've burnt up inside for my own reasons while people stood by. If people told me I was fine when I was unwell and it was the world around me that needed to change I would get sicker, not more well. But I have a mental illness, and I feel like I can offer a different kind of empathy to a trans person who doesn't get that from the people around them. Then you get the people who say talking about things like this is dangerous because trans people have been associated with mental illness and it's bigoted and trans phobic but i think they're the ones that don't get it. There's nothing hateful in wanting people to be well adjusted, safe and happy with the lives they can comfortably choose.

@EmilyAnne I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone who is dysphoric that doesn’t also have other mental issues to battle.

It is my belief that you can’t just target one issue someone faces to help them. Untangling the Gordian Knot of mental health is nigh impossible doing so. I think we are telling dysphoric individuals that transitioning will solve all of their problems, that the depression will go away.

We need a holistic approach, but before we get there we need to end the idea that it is “transphobic” to question someone’s desire to transition.


he still does have dysphoria, it's just lessened. from what i understand some people can outgrow it. and some don't. is there proof of this?


Okay but there is something to be said for even being able to talk about it? Is there a spectrum of gender dysphoria? I know there is a finite diagnosis but is there a spectrum within that diagnosis and did he receive a diagnosis? I can't recall from the video. You can't talk about alternatives for trans people without being labeled transphobic. I honestly believe trans people shouldn't be part of the LGBT movement. Gender Dysphoria is a mental health disorder and there is no shame in that and anyone who says or tries to say differently is a hypocrite because they tell me there is no shame in being mentally ill yet everytime it comes down to trans people they step on mental health to elevate what being trans is above mental health to avoid the shame of association.

If trans people were removed from the LGBT movement the political aspect would be less of an issue and there would be less damage done to an vulnerable group of people who have a high suicide rate and as many comorbid mental health diagnosis as any other person who experiences mental illness. Plus I think we'd make better allies because we have more in common, having gender dysphoria is a medical diagnosis it has a medical basis and there is tragedy and a sense of loss for some people in that feeling.

If the catholic church said they you couldn't treat any bipolar or schizophrenic person who believed they were conversing with God because it was a hate crime that would be absolutely barbaric, and if it made it impossible to discuss and essentially a taboo to pull sick people away from the church because of it that would be horrible. That is how I see the LGBT movement's treatment of trans people.

Trans people deserve options, care, therapy, research and due to the complications of a comorbid diagnosis the potential in how it would affect a disability status could help them a lot and people who don't politicize their already very demanding disorder that requires a huge adjustment in life. I know a lot of people who are trans are thriving but a lot arent. Just like depression you can find adequate treatment without any medication or you can require ECT, medication, and all the things any person with minor depression would need to do for themselves to get better. Bipolar and schizophrenics will always need to take medication or they can harm themselves or others. Maybe people with gender dysphoria could take antipsychotics too to alliviate their discomfort, how do we know? What kind of research is done? Has it been done? We know mentally ill people used to get lobotomies will we look back in 50-100 years and see what we do now to trans people as horrifying? If they genuinely want to transition all the more power to them but we have a responsibility to talk about it openly and give people all their options. I'm not talking about praying the gay away.

Everyone should be able to live their lives as they want to I don't begrudge anyone that personally, but a mentally ill person with schizophrenia eating out of a garbage can experiencing psychosis and living as a homeless person rejecting medication only has the appearance of free will, they regain free will once psychosis is removed. An addict regains free will when they are free of their drug dependency. This is the same for a lot of mental health conditions. It's not the same as making a decision about pain, ask a person in pain if they want to end their lives and they may say yes until you neutralize the pain. You can say a transition does that but that isn't true as people who transition still experience gender dysphoria, it's not a cure, it's the only way they are made more comfortable. If transition was not the only answer would people accept that there was a better solution or would they call it prejudice? I'm betting it wouldn't be received well. Do trans people have free will to decide on these surgeries when they have gender dysphoria?

Sorry if there was some part of this that didn't make sense, I tried to go through it to make sure but I have trouble concentrating.

yea i agree. i think there is a spectrum and his was bad and now it's more manageable.


One, that person did try to transition but that is not really the issue for me. The issue is that this is clearly an issue of mental health though no one wants to say that out loud. Just whisper it. It is also not correct to equate it to being gay. Gay is a sexual orientation and has nothing to do with your physical health and well being. The fact that at one point those who were same sex attracted and those labeled as "cross dressers" were both criticized by mainstream society doesn't mean that they are remotely similar at their core. Witchcraft and women who worked outside the home were also critiqued but we didn't add them to the movement (yet). Who and what you are attracted to is not a mental health issue that causes distress to the individual. People's reaction to it cause distress -sometimes.

Transexualism or transgenderism is not studied enough or even objectively. It is usually a transperson who creates the study. I've read at least twenty studies that if it were any other subject would not have made it past an IRB for lack of study population to perform statistics. Moreover, studies on the increased prevalence of it being related to social issues and interactions have been shelved. Transactivism has become detrimentally political.

It is treated not like any other mental disorder and the same people saying there should not be shaming for mental health issues get angry when you call it one. It is the only mental health condition that we indulge. Schizophrenia and depression are not states we attempt to

@Chanel People tried to change women who enjoyed sex using shock therapy but women's rights are still distinct from transgenderism. One faces socio-political inequality in 90% of the world due to their sex and therapy, drugs, etc do not change or remediate that.

It's a mental health issue--and if we really treated it like that instead of saying "It's okay to have this mental health issue" we might as humans be farther ahead. Compassion, education, treatment --these are what they need not forcing the rest of the world to accommodate their activist demands where their rights are juxtaposed with the safety of women and children.

There is a reason why public attitudes towards the LGBT community has gone down in the last ten years after hitting a peak high.

these are great points. im going to share them with Chad .

@Chanel In fact it HAS become about forcing others to go along with your dysphoria. JK Rowling is being tarred and feathered for stating a biological reality. Anyone who refuses to accept the opposite sex as their same sex is considered transphobic and hateful. If I don't agree with the visions a schizophrenic may have during an episode that is not hate nor do people consider it hate.

Illness of any kind is when there is distress, disability, or pain caused by a condition. It meets the standards of mental illness but where it is set apart from any other illness or condition is the fact that the individual with that condition stopped asking people to accept their own treatment for it but demanding that people change their language, their laws and protections, and in many cases their sexual agency to accommodate it.


I think you may be missing the point that Arielle and her guest were making. You are right in saying that he isn't/wasn't transgender. The question is, would he have been diagnosed as transgender/transsexual today? I think it is likely he would!

If you have total faith in the ability of doctors and/or therapists to diagnose transgenderism, then you can rest easy. For me, I think we are going to look back at this time with a whole different set of eyes and wonder at how foolish we were.

As someone who... somewhat disagrees with the final statement (that is I agree our knowledge is gonna get better and that we are gonna be looking back in 50-100 years and bawking at the number of false positives and false negatives but that it will be in a more trans/nonbinary accepting way (if the change is scientifically driven and not like a conservo-fasist uprising)) your viewpoint is very interesting to me.

It shows that we disagree on a set of scientific principles, very justifiably, and only once the data rolls in will we actually know who is right.

thats a big point we were making as well lol

@Chanel way too political these days

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