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Abstract: I just totally approve of your video I watched today, about Trans kids being pushed in to transitioning too early and I applaud your bravery in your new series.

Full: So, a couple years ago when I was in grad school, I was in a class I playfully called Racism 102. It was about social issues in Education. During this class, I had to "debate" an issue my professor chose. Because I am an out lesbian she decided that I should debate the con side of the "Transgender Bathroom" debate, to "give me a challenge". However, it wasn't a challenge for me because I do not believe that we (school personell) should be encouraging anyone younger than 25 to begin any sort of medical intervention to transition their assigned sex. As a lesbian, as you've recently stated, going 'against' the LGBT community on this issue is a HUGE problem.

I actually created a whole video of our debate I would be happy to send ot you, if you have an email that you would feel comfortable sharing. I do have to say that my all research is not sound, meaning their sources are quiet biased and therefore not completely credible. I knew that going into the debate because, as you know, finding solid evidence AGAINST the trans movement is basically impossible. Here's my biggest argument in the debate:

Brain development. Kids brains are not ready to logically process the concept of gender/sexual identity. Brains are not fully developed until a person is 25(ish), and the Frontal lobe is the last thing to develop (your logical part). So while adult brains can process information logically through our frontal lobe, young brains process all their information through the amygdala, the emotional part of the brain. So they FEEL weird, but can't logically understand it. So it is damn near criminal for logical adults to allow these people to mutilate their bodies before their brain can logically interpret this impact.

For the record, I believe trans is a thing. And I believe that if a trans person is over 25, do whatever you want to make yourself happier. I just do not believe people should be allowed to transition before their brains are done cooking.

Anyway, I applaud you for being brave enough to open this conversation. It's a big one.

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see my comment that i made below. i think both of these posts have great points.


I'd like to take a bit of a counter-stance. (if you don't mind a bit of open debate)

This sort of "done developing" thing is a bit of a nice myth. I'll fully admit that brains aren't done baking but there are various points of development along a continuous gradient and a lot of trans kids and teens report becoming more dysphoric over time as their body matures into the sex that causes dysphoria for them and their brain develops more and more.

As your point itself made: these kids do have dysphoria. Maybe not all but a number feel weird about their sex/gender of dysphoria, although I could not agree more that many don't know what it is and can't identify why they are feeling this way and if a kid feels that that should be a red flag that this is uncertain.

If you wanted to put the point that there are a significant number that "feel weird" for reasons that are not dysphoria then the synthesis of my point and your point is that we need to find a medically viable way of distinguishing dysphoria and pre-pubescent mal-feeling (or whatever you're gonna call it).

(Likewise I'd like to present to you that transition is always more consistent and complete if done before the age of 25 precisely because of the baking process you mentioned (which also occurs in the body like at the hips) and even more complete if started during or before puberty. If we had a little scanner that we could zap babies with that said "trans" or "cis", that was 100% accurate throughout the person's life, then theoretically that'd be the best course of action but part of the reason for why we have this debate is cause that is medically impossible so you can disregard this hypothetical. Although then you get into problems of bodily consent of children and stuff so maybe it was a bad example on second thoughts.).

these are great points. i think both situations are valid. i wish we could know which people were going to grow out of it vs who's would just get worse. in a perfect world lol


I'm so glad to see a fellow educator here! I mean, I think you might be an educator, I'm not sure! I'd really like to connect here with other public school teachers to discuss what it's like working in a system that demands that you accept certain ideas without question.

Hello! Yes, i am a high school teacher šŸ™‚

@K8MARIEWIL Girl! Iā€™d love to hear if you have any other stories about feeling like your opinions went against the grain as an educator.


I support your POV, but respectfully disagree on the age. If we state (and we do legally and socially) that a person 18 and older is 'an adult' for all purposes, then their choice what to do with their body is their's to make. While there may be sound reasoning to put an age restriction in place, AT WORST, it would be 21.

I transitioned at 29, the 2nd attempt. I tried 3 years earlier but couldn't put together a sound support mechanism to make it work. But I PLANNED on transition from the time I was 14. At 13, I found the term "transsexual" in a dream and looked it up the next day and that was my AH HA!!!! moment. This was 1972. Not a lot of info available back then.

And I also think brains are not really done until the late 20s but that is purely IMO.

i too think people shouldn't start medically transitioning until later.

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