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Just as a bit of background - I grew up in a pretty conservative household, then started exploring liberal topics as I got older, and saw more of the world. I'd say for a long time I was centre-left leaning, but with some conservative views. Now? I think both sides have gone to shit, and don't have any political affiliation.

I feel frustrated about the way politics is in general nowadays. Traditionally the right was less accepting of others, however, now? I'd say the left it just as bad. Honestly, at the two extremes of BOTH sides, you end up with very similar restrictions of the people, just for different reasons.

I don't think the idea of letting people live, or be, what they want to be, is inherently bad. In fact, my personal view, is that people can be, and do, what they want, and as long as they don't interfere with what I want to do, or be.

For example, I personally would not have an abortion, because of how I feel about life after the moment of conception, but, and this is important, if a friend came to me, in need of support, and wanted me to go with her to get one? Absolutely. Absolutely I'd go, absolutely I'd hold her hand (if she needed it) and no, I wouldn't tell her my opinion on abortions, unless she asked, and even then? I'd say it's up to the individual to decide.

If you don't believe in a god, then morality, and what is right and wrong? Is opinion-based. We all just have a set of opinions, of what is important to us, and what we believe is right and just. But that is all it is. And of course, there are some opinions, such as murdering is wrong, that are widely held, but the rest of it? Well, at the moment, what is 'right' is decided by the majority of the society you live in. But that doesn't make it correct, it just makes it, the way we as a group of humans, have chosen to live.

I want to stress HEAVILY here, that I am NOT okay with racism, homophobia, or sexism. I personally believe those things to be completely wrong. That was not my point. My point was, that we all have opinions, and nothing about your opinion makes it right over mine.

Anyway, tangent aside.

I always thought that the left was a lot more tolerant. It seemed to me, that the right had an issue with letting people live as they wanted. But as time goes on, more and more, it feels like it's the way of the left, or no way at all - not unless you want to be called a bigot, and lose people you care about.

There's no room for discussion, or debate, it's this way, or you're clearly a racist, homophobe, who hates women. Or, even not to that extreme, you must be a bad person if you feel this way, or that way, about certain things.

The very fact I've made an anonymous account to write about this stuff, tells you how worried I am, to have discussions about certain things - for fear of being cancelled, or ostracised, or labelled something untrue, but damaging.

I want to be able to have constructive discussions with conservatives, with liberals, but god forbid you even associate yourself with anyone right-leaning.

Anyway, my brain is kinda fried so I'm sorry if stuff didn't come across properly here, but, Arielle, I'm appreciating what you're doing with your YouTube - having difficult discussions, realising we don't always have to agree with each other, but still being civil about it. I originally watched you for your views on sexuality, sex and relationships, and other LGBTQ+ issues, and I still do enjoy them, but I also really enjoy the wider discussions you're having.

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I understand how you feel. I agree with the majority of this. Both sides have kind of gone to shit, haven’t they? Arielle really is a breath of fresh air.

Tati Level 6 Apr 29, 2020

you're so sweet


Its simple. Conservatives clearly state their intention to protect and preserve the Constitution, and they do it.

The Left promises everything to everyone, but does not say what they really do, which is intimidate (KKK, Antifa) lie, defraud, steal votes and claim Conservatives do everything they do. (And dumb people believe it.)

You can look up the founding of the KKK and find that democrats founded it, that almost all of its members are Democrats, and read the articles that try to connect Nixon's seeking "Blue-Dog Democrat" votes as evidence that the Republican Party was the real driver of the KKK, which you can see clearly is false. And if you read the court case Liddy v Dean, you will learn how Nixon knew nothing about Watergate until after the fact, and that it was orchestrated by John Dean, an overzealous lawyer, and that the Left leaning press smeared Nixon anyway.

The New York Times reported that 87% of the media are Democrats.

If you bother, you can find Clinton delivering missile technology to China, selling Uranium to the Russians, Hillary Clinton falsifying nearly 5 million votes in the last election, Obama violating the Constitution too many times to count, and Schiff orchestrating dirty tricks to "prove" Trump is corrupt - most of which is working with half of the American public, which is too dumb to see through it.

I wholeheartedly disagree with this post. The last paragraph in particular is just full of falsehoods or disinformation.

Conservatives are typically not the friends of LGB people. People seem to forget the years and years that "Moral Majority" types called gay people unclean, didn't want them to get any rights or protections at all. Some of you all have short memories.

I - like Arielle - am no longer willing to associate myself with the left. But the right is a hostile place too. I consider myself more of a classical liberal now, but there are many conservatives who are like wolves in sheep's clothing now. They lost the gay marriage culture war, and they're trying to rewrite history to say they've always been OK with the gays. Um, no.

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