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For the first time in history, more people ID as trans vs lesbian

ariellescarcella 7 Mar 2
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I've been an out lesbian since I was 16 (31now) and I have never experienced this level of hate/disgust for just saying I'm a lesbian and not queer or gay and that's saying something because I'm from the south:/

I'm so sick of people that are supposed to be my "community" telling me I'm a bigot for just being same sex attracted.

I went to a LGBT event yesterday and i felt so uncomfortable and would have left if it hadn't been for two lesbian women in their 50s, everyone else was trans or straight parents with very young trans children, which that in itself is horrible to me because the oldest kid was maybe 10

I'm so sad that everyone around my age has drink the tra Kool-Aid😪


Hi arielle! this is such a nice video. i'm not always on this site but here are my thoughts (also gen z): i am same sex attracted but i feel like SO many people i meet are queer/nonbinary/asexual and it frustrates me because it feels like everyone wants in.

i guess i'm being repetitive but anyway, it all just seems narcissistic to me. i don't know


What I think:

I agree: We should protect gays and lesbians. Their identities are being taken away. When you look closely, bi people these days are now demoralized. They are having an affair and not married and having more divorce rate than gays and lesbians. I’m a Gen Z but I love your thoughts even if I am extremely conservative. I disagree with you on some issues yet I won’t hate you for having different opinions. Transgender is now becoming a “trend.” I checked on myself many times that I’m really trans and I act accordingly. I have dysphoria. I think the reason why being trans is too political is that liberals are trying to politicize trans. And use unreasonable policies to convince trans that “you must be on our side or you’re transphobic.”

I disagree: We should not give a focus to “queer and nonbinary genders” since it is all made up. Gallup did the right thing by limiting it to LGBT. 4 letters. That’s enough.

Keep up your good videos! I’m your big fan 🙂

I would argue that the T doesn't belong (SAT test question!). The first three are sexual orientation, the T, gender. As a T person....


It annoys me when people say they're LGBT as a way of seeming woke or cool. The realization that I was gay was devastating for me. I feel like they're making a fad out of something that has caused me and countless other people a tremendous amount of internal suffering.

Did Gallup miscalculate? According to them, The Boomer generation spans eighteen years, Gen X and Millennials each span fifteen yeas, but then it lists Gen Z as only spanning five can that be?

In any case, this was another good video. I'm glad you've started posting your content here. I wouldn't have come across this site otherwise and there's some interesting stuff to be found here.

"The realization that I was gay was devastating for me. I feel like they're making a fad out of something that has caused me and countless other people a tremendous amount of internal suffering." EXACTLY. I too am gay. It was horrible. I had a religious family. It was such a terrible experience, and I was too young to understand it. I agree. People make a fad out of it. A brand. It frustrates me so much sometimes.


First we should point out that lesbian is a female identity, but transgender could be either bio-male or bio-female so not knowing the percentages, you might still have many more lesbians than bio-female transgendered.

Second, I think there are lots, of an unknown number, people that are self-identifying as LGB in some sense to be 'part of the crowd' sexual preference crowd, and the unrecorded 'non-binary' could fit into either the LGB or the T depending on what their identity entails...


As someone who is actually same sex attracted and in Gen Z, I remember throughout high school (aka 2014-2018) and college (2018-2020) I always had people around me change their gender identities or sexualities and use all these newer terms like pansexual, agender and the like. Half of the time most of them generally weren't LGBT in any way, but just straight people who were outcasts. A lot of them did in fact fake being bisexual which made my actually bi friends feel like shit since people give a sucky stigma to bi people saying they need to "pick a side."

As for my lesbian experience with dating as a gen z individual, it's gotten filled up more with a bunch of gender nonconforming people using their occasional nonconformity as a separate gender identity. Need I day anything about the men who just slip on dresses and say they're NB with their chest hair, or the GNC girls who feel pressed about gender roles that they make up their own while saying "down with gender roles"?

I dunno, I want more people to be open to come out and be happy with who they truly are, but on the other hand I know people use this to their own political gain.

Hi! I can relate to this so much. I'm a gay man about your age also and the different LGBTQ interactions I have had only alarm me.

A friend came up to me once telling me she was gay and I asked her something like oh what was that like for you? She said she was pansexual pangender but only dated guys.

Meanwhile, I had a childhood filled with anger and resentment between me and my parents, who disagreed on everything regarding being gay. As in attracted to other boys.

Like you, I want people to be open and happy. But I feel like so many people use LGBTQ all the time but misuse the different labels.

I had a few other friends who were bi but only dated men. All of their celebrity crushes were guys, and they never showed interest in girls. What upsets me sometimes is that people try to relate to me about being gay but all they do is misunderstand what it means.

I hope this reply makes sense!


Clearly the trans movement is anti-Lesbian.

Woke mob, you know what to do here.

Whether that was meant sarcastically or not, it is actually, sadly, unfortunately true. Reddit is a fairly good slice of the "woke" world and they have worked to have subs like Gender Critical banned, have gotten lesbians who are only same sex (versus gender) attracted kicked out of Actual Lesbians, have had women who protest the addition of trans women into subs on pregnancy banned. I'm a mod on a sub and read their comments.

They are very anti-speech and for some reason have targeted lesbians almost exclusively.


It was intended as ironic, given that the people who are the most outraged by people disagreeing with them tend be the same people who describe themselves as the most tolerant and peaceful.

It's not even just identity politics; it's everything. Everything that doesn't fit their narrative at a given moment, and I say "at a given moment" because the narrative can change from moment to moment depending on how they feel about things. There is no consistency of thought, only "how do we feel about this? Right now? In this specific circumstance?"

I guarantee you that if lesbians were attacked by conservatives or by religion, these selfsame people would be up and arms and demand justice for lesbians everywhere. But the minute the lesbian bloc does or says anything that upsets them - again, I do not say "violates their ideology" because their ideology changes from moment to moment - then lesbians become public enemy #1.

I'm a libertarian; I say adults should do what pleases them so long as it neither hurts small children or animals and doesn't abrogate someone else's rights. I daresay I am far more tolerant than the outrage mob, even though I technically lean slightly conservative.

But to them? I'm a fascist. Go figure.


Not sure on the historical. Not much left of the Sodom and Gomorrah census.

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