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To be transgender, my theories, to be transgender, you need to do this procedure, of, not using herbal remedies to get desired results, you need to add more estrogen, naturally without medication it can't work because these methods don't add estrogen they will only transfer existing hormones to estrogen and when the body notices the change it will transfer existing estrogen back into testosterone when if there is an access. The same process that I made is the same method that I designed to be for building muscle, if your goal was to use this method for building muscle then it'd sure kill you and it won't work because your not lefthanded, but if you were only just to use it for being transgender I mean yeah then it'd work just fine, because I made this method of transition for specifically lefthanded people in mind, since, they do have very similar biology closest to girls.

The process is from, there are two sides to what basically does all of the tasks of the brain which are either stimulating or relaxant, the idea is to supplement the relaxant side of that, people just only think that the best way to get desired results out of being transgender is just to take estrogen and that's it, the side of relaxant, it includes adding much more serotonin for one, the others are hormones that are will be raised naturally if you find a way to increase this, it increases hgh, gaba, melatonin, which are all on the relaxant side as well too, and all support the transition.

Without this the method doesn't work, if muscle loss is to happen then the body will start to produce far less of its own androgens, that's why many people don't know this about being transgender or the transition, because increasing only estrogen levels will subsequently result in a reduction of all of these other main supporting substances that help with transition, that's why it only works for about 3 to 4 years before no more further change happens, hgh is what is used to stimulate the production of new cells, serotonin is the thing what happens to be supports fat accumulation, which too as well also estrogen is what supports serotonin levels to, estrogen is also the hormone believe it or not is what actually builds muscle also it's not and not only testosterone, estrogen generates heat, which builds muscle, it's thermogenesis, I don't want to get technical though for building muscle and I just want to tell you how you can be transgender, estrogen is what supports fat yeah, it also is that fat that the more you have the more estrogen you will have, so what you need to do is this, serotonin to gain fat and estrogen, and, estrogen to gain serotonin as well as the other natural hormones, the trick is where it lies here, you're not just converting your body to using estrogen, you're stimulating your body to be more tolerant to estrogen so that you can acquire more of it.

And that's what happens when you transition. It's what happens, the more tolerant that you are to estrogen the bigger your boobs will grow and vice versa if the bigger your boobs grow the bigger that they're going to get, but only if you do it right. It's just like building muscle, the bigger you are, the bigger you can get.

People think that there's a cut off limit, but I'm here to tell you there's not. So if you're thinking that you're just going to jump right into transitioning just like that by taking estrogen, you're doing it wrong. You need to make your body able to build muscle first, like girls, people think that girls don't need to be able to build muscle, girls are actually stronger than men, that is because the weaker you are the muscle you grow, that's why people think that, it's not the other way around that the stronger you are the more you grow, but girls are plenty strong enough as it is, that's why that they can use more estrogen and still build muscle too, just like transgender people, and that's why they don't need more testosterone. See I know how the body works.

Have you seen how some bodybuilders have more testosterone, but some have no gyno, man boobs, and some do, that's not estrogen, that's because they take a bunch of other shit that supports the same thing as what transgender people want, like human growth hormone, obviously.

You think that how you get a feminine body is just by, stunting your production of testosterone, alright, first of all, then what's the point of continuing the estrogen, there's not, if your boobs and everything have reached the level of their fulfillment, alright you know that once your body produces mammary glands they're not going away so why do that?

Stunting testosterone just to get more out of estrogen, is actually what's preventing you from obtaining the fulfillment on your breasts, something similar happens when you think about how women take medication for birth control and inducing periods. It's what happens when your body doesn't produce enough estrogen just to make ovulation possible, and some girls have that problem, I once knew a girl before, she had that she couldn't have periods, so she had to keep taking estrogen to Induce it, the funny thing is, that's not the weird part, she didn't want to get pregnant either so, so, so she also had to take estrogen just to prevent from getting pregnant, she was just a walking female body of flesh filled to the brim with God damn estrogen hormones, and the weird and funny thing is this, that's the funny and weird part, she had a flat chest and was growing a fucking beard.

Don't even try telling me, that oh all you need is estrogen. Bullshit.

Increasing estrogen is what is what is keeping you from building muscle, that in turn, is what's actually preventing you from being able to so much for using the most of your hormones to acquire obtaining your desired results.

I think it's just outright historical even. I mean, I have to tell this to people who to be trying to build muscle, and I also have to tell this same thing to those trying to be transgender too, because people are fucking stupid as shit, acting like that they know something.

Lefthanded people, I'm sorry, I have to come back to this, are the most capable persons to do this job of transitioning if they tried putting their minds to it, or building muscle. Lefthanded people have this that no one else does, they're like practically walking and talking body of stem cells, they can do anything and other people can't so easily, because they have obtained both more testosterone and more stress than normal people, it's not a matter of question that are they capable possibly even the most more capable too, to them I say lefthanded people, I mean when you consider that they've always had to live the exact same way that not even normal healthy people ever wish to be like, it kind of makes sense, because to a lefthanded person, you're asking them if they feel stressed, they always exist in a state of stressfulness, to a normal person, if they ever even so much as felt the basic level of stressed as a lefthanded person, they'd put a gun into their mouth and blow their brains out. You can't even come close to touching that.

It all boils down to this. Testosterone is regulated by or I shall say influenced by a number of factors, but it's what it boils down to, the more stressed that you are, the less testosterone or otherwise estrogen that you will have, see, you'd be thinking that maybe since that lefthanded people are the most stressed people, what with such being autistic and between that and living in a world that doesn't understand them that's designed for only righthanded people, that they'd naturally have lower levels of testosterone or estrogen, because, because cortisol is what is the thing that adjusts the amount of androgens in your body by influencing the amount of androgen binding hormone that locks up testosterone, but see, look at lefthanded people, they're more like girls and yet they still do, do, still have way more testosterone and stress than anyone else. Between a man and a woman that happen to want to be transgender and are also lefthanded people, being a girl like that would be the best like greater, but by comparison and between the two, technically you could capably practically simply be able to just call them the same thing, they're the same thing only different humans.

So, now basically back to what I was saying now, you can't just be transgender then and attempt trying to stop the production of cortisol in your bloodstream, that would cause estrogen to decrease, but at the same time you need to be stressed so that you can produce more androgens and yet if your body does sense any changes in how much estrogen or testosterone that you need, it's going to still transfer either one back to one or the other. So no matter what you do, there is no efficient solution way that takes the path of transforming into a real transgender person. What causes you to become stressed and affects boob growth, I'll tell you what, dopamine is what, turns into adrenaline which into it is turned into testosterone, which as you can capably see here is what cortisol is meant to regulate, so not being stressed, that's some bullshit, that is not helping your fucking hormones okay, however and ontop of that and even it's this dopamine that turns off prolactin, prolactin is that thing that controls your body to be able to produce lactation from your breasts but I'm sure that you transgender people already know that, lowering prolactin levels can dramatically influence increasing your boob's growth, because prolactin is what influences hgh levels, I can I mean I gotta tell ya now, now it does pay off to know being able to build muscle,imagine that. So, you know why your precious girlfriend looks like the cleanest porcelain toilet meant for the Gods and is the most beautiful creature that to ever exist to you in the known universe, let me tell you what, it's not because because she's a girl and just happens to have more estrogen than you, it's because her body was designed to be able to be able to do that even.

Why else, as a matter of fact, for that matter on that idea's thought, do people only want to think of girls as being strong and capable, I'm sure that they get tired of always being told that they are understood, stop doing that, and when I mean people, believe me I do mean trans men, like oh honey I'm a real woman, stop that, okay girls that are stressed, that are stressed get to say that, not just a man because he wishes to be female and thinks that all women just happen to be greatest thing that to ever walk the face of the earth okay, if you disagree with me I'm fucking gonna look you straight in the dead of your eyes and I will call you a sexist faggot, you sexist faggot against girls, because not all girls are even like that you fucker, so don't even try to tell me just like, that, that if you're all like timid, shy, nervous, emotional, stressed, that you can't still be a very strong independent woman just like a man, like I am a woman and you fucking piss me off with that shit, I'm also lefthanded, and that is exactly how I feel, you're not gonna fucking guilt trip me, I'm gonna punch you straight in your face like a bitch, and when you talk about how that crazy ass psychotic other worldly bitch whooped your ass, you're going to fucking know what you did wrong bitch, yeah. I'm not going to treat you like your ass is made of gold, if that happens, I'm just going to laugh at you too, not like the real strong and independent woman I am, but the girl like me that I am. And if you have a problem with that, then you can fuck off and stop being a dick. You're nothing to me bitch.

I'm sorry everyone, that just needed to be said, I'm sorry you had to hear that.

Oh, that's right, I was just writing this thing on notes to sort my mind so that I can make room for more theories. What was I doing? Okay, alright, alright, so, hold on, wait, I had something for this, estrogen, vitamin D, oh alright now I got it, yeah, vitamin D is what supports calcium, it is meant to grow bones, however, vitamin D has a two prong effect, not only does it sustain and grow bones by calcium, but it supports increasing levels of hgh, and HGH like you already know now is what helps build bones and your boob side, look at that, and it's also stored in fat, if I didn't know any better then I'd simply say it's almost like mother nature is intending and wants girls to have big boobs, but maybe that might be little of a far stretch in fact, because as you're currently aware, girls have a more likelyhood of depleted bone structure and get osteoporosis, when there's not enough calcium the body steals it away from the bones. So literally, not being a topless bitch, isn't doing your chest size any favors girl. Looks like you have quiet a lot to get started on then don't you girl? Hmmm.

You know why, that girls with big boobs, have big boobs, this isn't me telling you how to grow them anymore, they're not fucking blood born and raised God damn lab, mice, son of a bitch, but alright so the reason is because, they don't just have more fat, it's not just that the more fatter the woman the bigger the boobs, the weight causes more muscle growth which then by effect in turn adds to more androgens being required and produces more hgh than in lighter females. I've always kind of wondered why that fatter women with bigger boobs were a little, kind of manly. Did you also know that thinner women have more testosterone? Vitamin D is stored in fat.

So anyways, here's what you should do along with on top, on top, of all of that those things, you need to support the production of your bones, if you really want bigger boobs. But that's not easy. Just the first thing you need to do is by any means necessary you have to support everything that is needed with production of healthy bones, the funny thing is I forgot to mention this that it's estrogen that supports the development of bones, that's why women lose bone mass faster and why you're never going to fucking see a skinny bitch with gigantic tig olbitty boobs. That's it, I'm out. Maybe later I'll share everything that is needed for bones too.

Caseyxsharp2 6 Feb 5
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