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I don’t have pride in who I am upon birth. I’m not proud I’m straight. I don’t have pride that I have green eyes. I’m not proud that I’m 6’1. I don’t have pride that I have a reddish beard when my head hair is brown. I’m not proud that I’m white and I don’t LIKE that I have shit eyebrows. So I don’t see the point in anyone else having pride about something they didn’t do. Pride over adversity? Sure. Pride over your own self esteem? Sure. But pride over something you had no control or question in the matter? No. I don’t. Just shut up. No one cares if they say they do they’re lying and you should find better friends

Jonnkilgore777 4 Dec 3
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Eeh, nay I don't like that one bit, not becauuse it offends me or whatever, it is wrong to me though, I am the Devil, it's not like I was just born this way or I did I mean did do anything to be proud for being the Devil, I don't have pride being the Devil, I am proud of being the devil, you can only have what you call pride and be able to call it pride if you know there are those others that won't want to take what makes you proud from you, I mean of course that will always be a part of why that I am proud to be the Devil but that is because that I have always known that there is always going to be those people, I wouldn't just say that is the only reason that I would, I would, but maybe want to might be willing to say that I'm proud for that reason, that's because those people are really wanting to take it from me whether I knew I was proud or not, whether I was either born like this or not, I wouldn't even call it being prideful, I am the Devil, and there are people that would want to take that away just to take it from me, but I have another reason.

Another, the real is because, exactly above what is that I just said, I didn't just come to be the Devil, I mean know that I was, that I was, or that there had to be a reason for me to think that me being the Devil was why that I was so fillied with pride for that matter too, especially when I did come to be the Devil then, you have to be, accepting of what makes you think you should be proud over, it doesn't matter that there are others willing to take it away from you, perhaps that shouldn't be though and that should be a good reason for pride though however that's not what I'm saying either, it's because of them I mean is those other people they will be trying to take it whatever it is away from you for being prideful, I like being filled with pride, I mean starters here I mean pride is one of the seven deadly sins, it's not a reason to be prideful, it shouldn't be though that you should just let other people take away from you what makes you be you though, it has nothing to do with reason or if it should happen or not, it should never be, no one should be willing or wanting to take what is pride you feel for any reason away from you just because is is, those other people trying to take what is yours away from you, it shouldn't happen, ever.

Why should it, let me ask you that then, if that is what you think? Like me, I am the Devil, here is no I just did do what I did to become just the Devil, and yet, I am the Devil and so filled with pride because of it, you don't think that I am, I can't conjure up why that it might you just be thinking that though even, what, because is it, I mean is it because that you can image that people would like to think that they can take it from me, is that why you won't happen to think that I will have the pride that being the Devil I really have, because I'm telling you not even that would keep me from having been be been filled with pride and literally being so prideful in the end, even so just if you would happen to think that I even wouldn't though, I still would be, that is what I am saying, I'm the Devil, not even that, I still would be filled with my pride being me and that or that I didn't have it then because t was taken from me either too, why is simply, because I'm the Devil, I mean that is what I am, that's exactly why what you might even would be likely to think about it wouldn't matter to me, and why I am so filled with pride because of it, because I'm the Devil, if you were really even right about that right now, what makes you think that, that the Devil wouldn't be so filled with pride being the Devil just for being the Devil? Well, I was saying that just now, so since that I'm saying this now, I wasn't always like this though, though, it wouldn't even be like that what you think though then, then, if, or even or if that you were right about that now or not, I've been the Devil and I've been filled with pride being so prideful because of it, I knew that, like already, I didn't just have to think that I was so for me to be pride filled to be proud of that fact as a matter of fact.

When I was small, little still a little kid boy, growing up, I was not ike this though, it's not either because I wasn't or I be thinking so or not, I knew that I had a different sense of right and wrong than everyone else did, but was I beating myself up over it, hell no, I grew to appreciate such things as evil, and to me that's way better to me than rationalizing why someone would ever be proud of something just because of the things that they happened to of did, being the Devil in the end just was the pinnacle ontop of the peak climaxed, the thousands suns in the galaxy could have all have aligned to have of made it happen and nothing could have made me more well amazingly prideful and filled with so much pride, you're a sinner, you think that you can be full or filled even with pride just for having happened did done do anything, maybe you shouldn't be so filled with pride for thinking it, for thinking it then, if that's what you happen so really do think, what the fuck, I know I am prideful for being what I am, why wouldn't I be, I mean I am the fucking devil, you could have said anything would have been a sin to a person like me and I wouldn't even give two shits if what others thought was it was bad or that the that one person shouldn't be that way or not, but you don't think though that I am not prideful for just how happening to have thought so then, pride is my sin buddy, there is not, nothing, that, nothing, that you could ever do to take something like this one sin pride away from me whether you thought about if you could take from the Devil him that or not or not, When you have pride for what really makes you filled with pride, it's because I've given it to you, I am filled with nothing well or not one jut a sin if that's what you think, it's just greed and pride, through and through, that's what makes me be the Devil, if you're hearing me right now it's not why though, I know I am that way no doubt about it, but see, see, if that is what you thought right now, that's not gonna stop, me, from having the pride that I have for being what I am right now dude, even what just or what that I am right now, I am the Devil, your human perceptions of ideals has no influence or power over me, duhh, that is what make me the Devil, sin, dude, dude, that isn't even the point that I'm making trying to right now still, I was a little kid, was, it did bother me what people might would happen to think of my form f righteousness and justice, but that's just it that was then when that I didn't know that I should, that I should be filled full of pride because of it or that there shouldn't be those willing trying or wanting to take it away from me, say that to me what you said just now again to me, what came first the chicken or the egg, me, I did, that's what, just like how now that I am, that I am saying to you this now still too, again and again, and again, and again, until forever still comes to an end in the end too, this is why that I am, the Devil, and I am the pridefulest being that you will ever know in your whole entire life, for this very reason right now. Hahaaaaaahaaahhahahahaasss, cough, oh shit.



i understand where you're coming from, but gay people aren't proud of being gay, we are proud of being OUT. big difference 😀


Agreed. I have pride for what I've accomplished and the obstacles I've overcome.

Some of those accomplishments and obstacles are related to my "gender identity," but most are not. I'm proud of it all.


It's true that we have no control over what we are at birth, but when people say pride, they normally mean adversity and self esteem like you said. It might not come across that way. I for one see it as a matter of confidence. It's difficult to stand out. I have an accent. Not a foreign accent, instead, I sound gay. I'm not proud of my voice but I am proud in general. I'm able to walk around in public and speak to people and accept that they might just not like me because of how I sound.

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