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I forgot to post a few weeks ago. UK update GRA reforms came back. - More clinics opening and training - check. Less expensive and invasive process to change your ID - Check Research into longterm effects of blockers and hormones and causes. check

Literally the line has been drawn at self ID
IMO Pretty balance outcome.
And some of my friends are posting about state sanctioned transphobia...
I just can't lol.

Side note:
Also theres a video on the NHS page...which I could do with a second opinion on. Thankyou Jay for sharing your story. But your gf comes across homophobic as shit lol "jay still looked female BUT WE ARENT GAY"
Lul ok bbz.


WhytfAmIHere 4 Oct 21
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ugh self id is a HORRIBLE idea. I've made a bunch of videos about this. its all bizarre.