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Do you think face masks are useful or useless?

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Atitaya 4 Oct 11
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I only go into town every 3 weeks or so to buy fresh fruits and veggies. The mask is a signal to others that I am a person who does not want to get this virus and to keep distant.

Most guys and girls wouldn’t wanna be closed to people who wear masks. They look like SICK people or people who about to commit crimes.

@Atitaya Yup. Good. I don't want most people near me.


most masks that people use are pointless. They don't help smaller particles stay away, they'd only help water from coughing or sneezing.


They don't protect. Mask mandates are being used by governments to make people feel safer after they terrified people in the spring.

Instead of just stating that the virus is not as deadly as first thought, they forced masks on everyone. The funny thing is after masks became mandatory in Canada the cases skyrocked over 10X from before masks were mandated. The reason for this is that they made people feel safer and so they stopped social distancing.

The other terrible thing about mask mandates is that you are only allowed by the grace of government to wear a stupid piece of cloth and there is no scientific standard it has to meet. You are not allowed to wear a respirator that will provide actual protection. Further the CDC removed its recommendation to use a hepa air filter which is more effective than any cloth mask.

Chanel Level 6 Oct 12, 2020

I think you will love to see these researches.


@Atitaya That is a great resource thank you.

I would like to see research on the half mask and full mask respirators as I do not think that they would have the same issue of virus buildup because of their use of separate inhale and exhale pathways.

Disposable N95 masks either come with out an exhale value and those that do the air follows the same pathway.

I know of a case from my area where a woman died because bacteria started to grow in her mask and so she was breathing in bacteria with every breath. Never made the papers....


The masks are theater. Masks aren't designed to keep you from getting sick their design to prevent you from getting other people sick. Also it the virus has a 97 percent survival rate. Unless you have a preexisting condition like being super old or diabetic you're fine. There are so many people who are asymptomatic.


Face masks protect others from the virus you might be carrying.


It's likely that considering the severity of disease for this virus is related to initial dose that masks are extremely useful. My research puts masks at about 8 percent effective at preventing infection. That may not sound like much but since the transition rate hovers around one it is significant.

We don't have to down play the severity of the pandemic to oppose the authoritarian left. It's a war and like any war there are casualties both avoidable and unavoidable. The left would simply have us surrender because they do not believe in Western Civilization, liberal democracy, or taking personal risks for the poor or those otherwise unable to implement the complex behavior necessary to avoid exposure.

wolfhnd Level 7 Oct 11, 2020

Poor choices... For example I think they're useful but they are not my favorite fashion accessory and that people using them can still contract it but that doesn't make them useless

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