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Do you think very masculine cis women and very feminine cis men mock trans people who haven’t done all possible medical transition yet? And should all men and women conform to traditional gender roles in order to fit the society and behave sanely that he/she will be recognized later as attractive people?

Atitaya 5 Oct 10
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I a GNC female aka futch whatever butch lol

I'll admit theres a certain kind of enby that drives me absolutely insane. AFABS that make a fuss about "they/them" pronouns but then present entirely feminine with their tits hanging out
I'm just like..? Ok. Are you actually NB?
Your giving everyone else cues to treat you like a feminine female.
The very idea of someone reading or treating me as such makes me extremely unconfortable and I'm just futch
Surely the same would apply for social gender dysphoria in actual NBs.

Seems to be a trend atm to ID as NB? Like by all NB logic I am NB.

So next question - do you think theres overlap between trans social dysphoria and GNC aka Butch.
We all know butchs are still butches naked so its body language - and not just clothes.
Theres so many online spaces where butches are talking about t / T /packing. But not transitioning in the binary sense.


I grow up in a very conservative neighbourhood and ppl around me, including me, think that if anyone is not trans, e.g. you are not a trans guy, then that woman is only having internalized sexism. Butches generalize the wrong way of being a woman and make trans men suffer from early transitioning. Think of someone that treats trans men like butch lesbians accidentally. That would be hard.


i don't think one thing has anything to do with the other. trans is dysphoria. masculinity and femme is expression of ones body and style


Mock suggests an active disdain for another - being something can't mock except to the person feeling mocked interpreting reality showing something different than themselves. So, to answer the question, NO.

Traditional gender roles exist in traditional societies. As societies evolve, so do their institutions - that is a sign of growth. Change is the natural order of life - when it stops, life stagnates and dies. Society is no different.

Attractiveness often is established by behavior, in addition to often, appearance. People that rely solely on the later are seldom an example of the former.


I'm not quite sure what you're asking. If your asking if it's hypocritical for atypical men and women to criticize trans people who haven't fully transitioned then no. Being a masculine women does make you less female and being feminine man doesn't make you less male. The categories of male and female are clear and defined and easily conveyed by appearances. Those appearances give people useful information to keep themselves safe, to know how to approach you, to know how to treat you in a social or romantic situation all the places where men and women differ while Trans people who have not transitioned send one message with their appearance but expect to get the opposite treatment from people Look at it this way. If a cop in a normal car with no lights in street clothes with no badge tried to pull you over and arrest you. Immediately you wouldn't believe he was a cop you would think that he was a crazy guy trying to kidnap you. That's what it's like for a trans person to present as male but feel female. And since we can't see feelings or read minds if you want to be seen as female you have to present as female. But if you're saying is it ok to mock trans people just because they can't afford surgery then no. Just like it's not ok to mock a disabled person or someone with a growth on their face. That's childish and mean.

Also people always get the cart before the horse on gender roles. Society is just people. Gender roles existed back when we were hunter gathers on the plains of Africa. People changed so society changed. Society can only effect you if you agree to live by its rules. That's why subcultures exist. Everyone is not going to find you attractive but there's always a subculture that will. And all you really need is one person right?

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