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I posted this on Reddit. r/Cringetopia it got a good pop. You should do a video on Slug cringe Arielle. I would but they won't offer me that slug money. Lol I mean I am still monetized but the bulk of my popular uploads are demonetized. I have 1.62K subs and I think around 6K watch hours. I had one livestream go over an over. Going live is not a common practice. Over 200K views on my channel since making it in October but nooooo as far Slug advertising mulla goes. Lol

BlakeTheRake 5 Aug 12
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Oh man haha


FWIW, I am aware of this "group" and keeping an eye on it. We are a free speech site so are trying to avoiding removing groups unless they are unable to discuss their views with civility and humanization. My guess is that this group is mostly a parody of the "Black Trans Lives Matter" movement but it's too soon to tell. It is also likely that the 7 "members" are the same person. What do you think, should we delete this group?

Admin Level 8 Aug 12, 2020

I dislike someone creating multiple accounts in order to suggest a greater reach than they are organically getting - I consider it dishonesty and attribute such to a broader aspect of a person's personality, ie, I won't trust them in any sphere.

watch 'em like hawk but icanna stop laughing at the notion of trans neo-nazis lol

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