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QUESTION: Where do you see western society in 10 years time? 20? 50? 100? When I ask this question, I mean in relation to LGBT issues. Obviously, transgender issues and identity politics are very prominent in the news, and in "lefty progressive" parts of the internet. However, this question is not just limited to gender, and it's definition and societal changes due to gender beliefs- it also includes sexuality, and how we define that. There are a lot of different parts of society you could look at.

dylanhope951 4 July 22
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i honestly think people are getting fed up with the PC movement.but im not sure where we are headed to next.


I can't predict where western civilization will go or even if it will exist in 0 years...but I know where I'd like it to go.

I tend to think it's more mature to not muss one's hair over oddities of demographic, which includes but is not limited to , race, being gay, being trans. Strikes me these things are important only according to how much I am personally involved with someone else and not always then. As a country, we really only need to care when it comes to a few details, like trans women participating in women's sports and what age it is/isn't OK to begin a transition.

A couple walks hand in hand, obviously in love and an old woman sighs remember when she was young. And whether the couple is gay or straight doesn't matter.


This is an interesting question. It really depends on if western culture survives. Say what you want about Eastern cultures they're a lot more stable. Western culture tend to have suicidal tendencies. Where it pops up and spreads then collapses under it's own weight and pops up somewhere else in the world and spreads again. Western culture has a fatal flaw which is what makes it a culture that the LGBTQ community can flourish. It's focus on the individual as paramount. If the individual is paramount then the idea of your sexuality has to given freedom because it's an individuals right to do what they want with their body. Although if the individual is paramount then it's nearly impossible to get them to work cooperatively with others unless they share a set of common beliefs and are willing to give up some of their freedoms to protect. Right now those common beliefs are under attack and if history is right they'll fall and along with them the freedoms given to the LGBTQ. Then when Western culture pops up again my guess is in eastern Europe The LGBTQ will have to rebuild what they lost again over a couple of centuries.


We're in a tumultuous time right now. Sometimes, things have to go wrong in order for them to be improved on.

Call me an optimist, but I think in 20-30 years, we'll have emerged on the other side of this with a new understanding, just like the gay liberation movement of the 70's. I think it will be considered more normal to be LGBT - especially T, as we're kind of the main players right now.

To make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs. We're in the egg-breaking phase.


My own prediction is that sooner or later there will be open conflict if not a civil war. Depending on the circumstances it is likely that a "Stong Man" will emerge and become Dictator, Fuehrer or Caeser. Hes will largely exterminate his opponents, and restore stability. Most ordinary people will love him for that and laud him for it.

See the history of Rome and French History from the fall of the Bastille, to the Reign of Terror to the death of Napoleon..


I believe "Western Society" will not last another 50 years. In just 10 years the US has turned into a divided country, with a left-wing media (let's be honest) that won't report facts but spews opinions, and we have politicians that are openly marxist. Having come from a communist country I can tell you that they always fail. Always. When that happens LGBT people are usually blamed.


At this rate, in under 5 years we will be unstable politically, and if Islam wins here, LGBT are going to have to go underground, along with conservatives, Christians and any other targeted group.

Islam is not your problem. It's esoteric marxism.

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