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Do you think Islam is a religion of peace?

Gay + Islam

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ariellescarcella 7 June 24
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I was a muslim, grew up and raised as muslim and my family is pretty liberal thus I have much more liberal-secular upbringing.. but Islam itself, the religion, the fundemental/orthodoxy is not peaceful.. I read the hadith and the sirah (stories, history) and the quran verses.. it isn't always peaceful, compassionate, nor humanistic.. some reformist would reinterpret those things differently but mainstream muslim takes thing as it is; Islam doesn't abolish slavery, didn't abolish marriage of girls, doesn't tolerate gay people (it is common thing among scholars to say that gays deserves either to be burned or thrown from the high building; it was what done by followers of Muhammad during his time, after his death - it was recorded in hadith and sirah). So no, Islam isn't a religion of peace.. it is an imperialist, misogynistic, homophobic and pretty violent religion.

The branches of Islam might be more peaceful and tolerant, and not all muslim are violent nor bigoted, but the thing is those violent teachings are in the scriptures (Hadith, quran, sirah) - so yah. Muslim can be varied, and the interpretation of Islam and what is deemed as correct way to practice Islam varies.. but just know that it isn't always peaceful. Read hadith on slavery, slavery, killing gays on you'd understand what I'm trying to say.


I cannot answer yes or no on this, the reason is that any religion, technology, item, or political party can be used for good or evil. What keeps it good or evil is the moral and/or ethical standards of the individual and/or society, but it comes down to the individuals more than anything and the strive to always be a better person for themselves, each other, and the next generation.
When you hinder the open speech and rights of another, you are stepping into the domicile of evil.

I will add this video here for a lil history


I do. Peace of the grave.


No religion is peaceful in and of itself. Christian did a lot of murdering in the name of god back in the day, Buddhist are slaughtering Rohingya Muslims in southeast asia. Jews wiped out a couple of civilization after they stopped wondering the desert and are knocking a Falafel out of the hands of a starving Palestinian child right now. Attitude reflects leadership. Islam is particularly violent because of the duality of the Prophet Muhammad. He was a warlord and philosopher. And because he was the central figure of the religion, the religion developed this Duality as well. Muslim philosophers created a system of tolerance that was extremely Progressive for its time and introduced advanced mathematics and other things to the world. While the Warriors conquered and killed in the name of God. That was until Genghis Khan and his Mongol hordes stormed through Baghdad. The heart of the Islamic philosophers was ripped out. They said that the Tigris River ran red with the blood of women and black with ink of philosophers. The Duality that Islam was stuck with what's going on now we was only the Warriors that would laugh to rebuild the religion. And they rebuilt it in there image. It was the Warriors that defined what it meant to be a Muslim. And that is why Islam is so violent today.


Gay people who support Islam are severely misguided.


I don't think it is a religion of peace, from the research that I have done. I was raised in a Christian home and in college I decided I didn't want to be a "sheep" and researched a few of the main religions as well as atheism and agnostic. Islam was scary and dark. However, I have Muslim friends who are peaceful, but they don't attend the Mosque or follow their traditions closely. The do participate in the holidays.

Joyyfyl Level 3 June 29, 2020

Religion of Peace is difficult to determine. We are ONLY aware when Muslims are not peaceful. Religion of "Tolerance" I think is easier to determine, but like Christians, may depend on where you are; Saudi Arabia or USA. But, part of USA has some very intolerant Christians compared to Europe.

Geezer Level 4 June 28, 2020

There are so many islamists who find evil instructions in the koran. Surely that proves there is a problem with their doctrine


I voted no, but that's just a general opinion. Obviously there are Muslim individuals who are peaceful and accepting with their interpretation of their religion, but it is not that common from what I've seen and heard.


I did an anthropological project once, years ago, where I spent time in a mosque. I met people, attended the services and prayers, and attended a feast event. I'm not an expert and the details are lost to be now, with time, but I remember being deeply moved by my experiences.

Islam is a beautiful religion. In my mind, it's basically the same thing as Christianity, just with another culture's wrapper around it.

People do terrible things in the name of Islam. People do terrible things in the name of Christianity too. Those are not the people we should look to as representatives for these religions.

Yes!! I totally agree. Its the "outliers" who make the news and get all the attention.


Truest form of Islam is isis everything else is just taqiyya !

@Anders Lol do you want me fill this site with pics and videos showing Muslims actually doing it? Quote a couple scriptures. Come on man with that BS


I’m technically a Muslim, my great grandfather was an imam and I have to say NO!

MerCi Level 5 June 25, 2020

If you want to know more about the problems with/in Islam then Have a look at the "Apostate Prophet" channel on Youtube. He is is an ex Muslim scholar who uses texts from the Koran to crticize Islam.

From his videos it seems that very few muslims actually read the Koran because you are told to read it in the original Arabic..

My thought is that many muslims are peaceful, reasonable people but that the Koran and groups withing the muslim world are as bad as the radical left and would kill millions to get their way. Irrespective of whether those killed are muslim or not.

So it is not as simple as a yes/no answer.


are you asking this question seriously or tongue in cheek...I mean seriously - how could any person with half a brain see Islam as anything even approaching religion and peaceful existence....c'mon now.

iThink Level 8 June 24, 2020

I struggled. I wish there was another option for "sometimes." Turkey is an Islamic country and has some of the kindest people you will meet. Palestinians are also very kind and warm despite their reputation. Iraqi's are also genuinely peaceful. Their country got invaded by extremists per the US plan to draw them to Iraq to fight. Moroccans--also fairly fun and liberal.

But having also lived for a time in Egypt, Afghanistan, and a brief visit to KSA made me scared shitless of this religion of peace.

I realized that I actually get along quite well with those who practice Shi'a, a very poetic and intellectual branch, IMO, of Islam.

I am autistic so I appreciate that it was a binary choice. I also know people who are from Muslim backgrounds and who are kind and thoughtful. I don't think that you can separate Islam as a religion from political Islam in most communities that have an Islamic religious establishment; from the outside, Islam is what it is mostly in its attitude and its relation to everyone and everything else.


Not a Muslim myself, but I spend my time around many wonderful Muslims and have studied the religion.

I don’t think this is a simple “yes or no”.

Islam was established with many contradictions because it was passed down orally for many years before it was written down. There is many evidence to suggest it as not a religion of peace, but rather one of violence.

That being said, majority of Muslims practice it as a religion of peace. They dismiss hadiths that promote violence as fabricated and inauthentic. They don’t consider Jihadis real Muslims, just as most Christians don’t consider KKK members real Christians although it is a Christian organization.

As for the gay portion of the question, most Muslims say that they respect LGBT members as people, but don’t support homosexuality. This is pretty much “love the sinner hate the sin”. Even still, there are many gay Muslims just as there are gay christians.

So I can’t really vote on this poll because it’s not a clear cut yes or no.

Tati Level 6 June 24, 2020

@JVIP-WTPNN I'm not going to justify brutality to women but "religions" don't actually DO anything. It's people. Holy books don't start flying through the air and attack people.

Any type of power corrupts. They live in theocracies so its the religion that gets blamed for the brutality of the people with the power. The Spanish Inquisition was brutal unlike Jesus.

I don't know how great we will look to the future when they see how "democratic nations" used drones to incinerate helpless women and children.

That whole "the devil made me do it" is kinda use up. It's not the devil, it's you.

@ThomasinaPaine @JVIP-WTPNN She’s got a point. The KKK does things in the name of Christianity, but it isn’t Christianity or Jesus that discriminates and hate black people. It’s the people who commit the sin.

@Anders Actually its not in Christianity. It's in Judaism. The Gospel accounts are the teachings of Jesus. He said that there were just two laws: love God and love they neighbor as thyself. They even depict Jesus stating how God really meant things and even said that there were occasions were MOSES said something for the hardness of their hearts but that was not God's intention.

It's also not in the Qu'ran but the Hadiths

@Anders He said that upon those two hang all the rest and that the law has become fulfilled. If it was meant that Christianity was to be like Sadduceen Jew then he would not have taken up company with the Pharisees or been called Rabbi. Nor would he have said Moses, versus God gave the laws.

Now, if he believed himself to be Messiah and not just others then he is God's Word on Earth and would usher in the Age of the Kingdom according to Judaic tradition, ergo whatever he said would be law.

Lastly, most of the 613-663 laws in the Torah were meant for priests. Certainly not for Gentiles which most Christians are and only 300 apply to the non priest.

But there are over 600 official Christian denominations so maybe you belong to one that likes to call themselves Hebrew Christians.

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