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Oh NO to pedophiles I don’t care what they call themselves! They are predators and rapist! Children can not conscent, and do not understand sex. I was sexually abuse as a child by my great Uncle. This conditions lead to my best friends father sexually abusing me too. I had to go see him before I could spend time with my friend. Years of sexual abuse by men! I was around 9 the earliest I remember, my mind to protect me has blocked much of it from my memory from me. I live with the effects of this every day to this day. Any women I am with knows about my sexual abuse and what will trigger me and what signs to watch for if I am triggered and if she sees any of those signs to stop. I have yet to be with a woman has not been sexually abused, and to learn her triggers and to watch for them. This effects you your entire life! It effects every sexual encounter you have for your entire life. Even with counseling. The man who sexually abused me also abused my Aunt, my mother and likely my grandmother as he was her older brother and she was the baby of the family, they know damn well what they are doing. The know it is wrong and they don’t give a shit! They use guilt and shame to keep their victims in line. Don’t tell anyone or you will be in trouble. They use threats if you don’t let me I will get you cousin that is down for a visit, do NOT trust anyone of these sick perverts! Don not allow them near your children! They are usually a family member of friend of the family. Someone in the church and look like a decent person. Men are the biggest predators of children, usually little girls. Over 90% of the cases are men to young girls. The rest are men to boys, women to boys, women to girls. Most cars go unreported as mine nor anyone in my fami,y ever reported the sexual abuse. This topic is one of the few where my conservative up bringing comes through. Pedophiles do not deserve to breath air. They can not be trusted. If their lips are moving they are telling a lie. They want to dominate and control which is why they choose children. Like rape power over is what they like. Power and sex over a child who is not old enough or big enough to fight them off!

Karlaj 3 June 8
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I am so sorry for what happened to you. It is truly awful and truly unforgivable.

However not all sexual molesters are actually a minor attracted person and their abusive tendencies can come from elsewhere. Of course, children can not consent! I stand strongly by this and anyone who does/shares anything of a sexual nature to a child or minor has committed an serious and unforgivable crime.

On the other hand many think its time to open up the discussion on people who are attracted to minors, help them recognise this and help them in maintaining their morals to protect children. There are plenty of minor attracted people who do have morals and want to be helped, yet when the subject is so demonised they don't feel they can come forward and ask for help.

This thinking is one of the many loop holes they use to keep doing what they are doing. We are not really bad, we are a priest in the church, a deacon in the church. These people feel entitled to sex with who every they want including children. They will say anything to gain access to their next victim. ANYTHING! They don’t think they need help. Only sane people know they need help. They don’t think they are doing anything wrong. Go talk to a pedophile and learn things. Be around them hear how they twist it, oh the 6 year old seduced me. The 2 year old wanted it.


ugh babe im so so sorry you experienced that. <3 im glad you figured out your triggers and are still living and are strong!

Thank you. I appreciate you kind comment. There are many more like me. Many just will not talk about it. That is part of the conditioning,


From a fellow survivor I knew he was wrong I knew I was a child but who the fxxk were the other people who turn a blind eye of worse accuse you of lying or deserving it. I have blocked out most of my memory of the abuse but I can’ remember like it happened ten minutes ago walking up the stairs walking into my mother’s room and asking her for help and she just called me a liar and sent me back. It’s not so much the nonces you need to be wary of but the people who collude with them. Hold them equally accountable because the abuse is bad but the denial is a death sentence

I agree with what you said. The you are telling a lie is the reason many of us don’t talk. My grandmother walked in on him forcing my to French kiss him, and said you two stop that, you TWO and just walked away Leaving my thier with him. . Adults are supposed to protect children. Breaking the silence is one of the ways to stop them. Thank you for breaking your silence, it takes a strong person to do that!

@Karlaj thank you together we are stronger x

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