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So I wanted to chime in based on your last video cause it was so interesting. I consider myself a bi asexual. I don’t have a sexual drive but I’m attracted to both genders. That’s just my preface. In this case, people keep bringing up the situation of being trapped in jail to being the same as this, but it’s only a month of quarantine. I don’t personally understand sexual drives, but I can assume that after a month of no sex you would be still okay and not suddenly sleep with someone you aren’t attracted to. And I take such issue with people being so afraid of bisexuality that stories like this happen. My cousin came out as a lesbian when she was 17 and then had a baby with a man and everyone was so shocked that it wasn’t due to r**e. Like she’s bisexual. That’s okay. People’s identities change especially since we all are told to put ourselves into boxes. I on so sexuality is complicated, but if you find yourself attracted to both sexes, YOU ARE BI.

katrose829 2 Apr 19
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I am most certainly bi. I realized that putting 1/2 the population "out of bounds" due to biology or society or ...whatever criteria, limited ME. I am interested in the person - less with the genitals, but have certainly learned to appreciate and enjoy both versions.


I want to thank you for being so honest. It's interesting how not all attraction is sexual attraction. People are very uncomfortable with bisexuality so bi individuals have to "choose a side".


So are you biromantic but asexual? That's legit as they are two different ways you can be attracted to someone.


I agree



I agree with you there, to be honest. Additionally, I find most of the comparisons between the current state of "lock down"/quarantine & captivity in prison in general to be quite distasteful, given that they're generally made by middle-class people with ample access to the Internet who have never been anywhere near an actual prison in their entire lives! It's really started to piss me off. However, I digress there, sorry.

There's nothing wrong with being bisexual, I agree. I am myself. I don't tend to go around shouting that from the rooftops though - I'm sure that folks reading this will be well aware of some of the reasons for that, but for me, the insistence that being bi is analogous to being "pansexual" really trumps all of the others. As far as that article goes, I find it difficult to believe that even your average bisexual woman would turn to having a sexual relationship with a roommate to whom they'd not been previously attracted within a four week period. That a lesbian would be so desperately horny they'd engage in heterosexual sex with their roommate is absurd to me. That "article" came off as being mildly pornographic in addition to being poorly written! It's a ridiculous idea if you consider that both men and women can engage in masturbation. I understand the need for physical intimacy, but it sounded kind of rapey to me if I'm being honest.


I always viewed sexuality as being compromised as soon as it was labeled.

What I mean is, if your cousin had not come out and said,”I’m a lesbian.”, no one would have been so shocked when she had a child with a man.

I think that casual labels can help people define and discover who they are (as you have, succinctly done); but if they are too firm, they can lock people into a definition that their community will hold them accountable to. This makes it harder for an individual to feel comfortable doing what they truly feel like doing.

This applies to subcultures or other labels just as easy as it does to sexuality. Imagine the punk rocker who might enjoy ABBA (cause they’re amazing) but something tells them, “ ABBA isn’t punk enough. You can’t listen to them!” I’d argue you can still be punk and like ABBA, or maybe you discover that you don’t need the label of punk at all.

Similarly, Keeping the idea of sexuality open allows you to listen to your inner voice, more than to outside influence. If a gay woman wanted to kiss a man, but thought ,”no you can’t do that, because you’re a lesbian.” She would be allowing the label to program her thinking, rather than just allowing her to discover, and explore where her impulses lead her.

I also don’t think that committing one act destroys your sexual identity. Just because you enjoyed a same sex affair or even relationship, doesn’t mean that you’re forever gay. It can merely mean that you found that person attractive. And that’s ok. You don’t have to walk around with a scarlet letter for the rest of your life.

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