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I had thought that this was an interesting perspective to dissect and probe. I'm just gonna go off of the apparent beliefs that men and women like to believe that men and women want, like women are monsters that want to be loved and men being just like that too want to be able to give it as long as they are the ones able to. That's not really what's mysterious at all to me but what is, is that if girls are just like boys like that what makes them be like boys like that? I know it's just a dumb thing to wonder about, boys really are like that set just like that that's just it and I know girls can be anything would be whatever they want to be like, I just don't know what makes it like why that is. I know that for one thing, I know for one for sure girls can take a beating. The strange thing is that it even seems that they like it. Maybe I could understand something like that.

Just why? Does it make any logical sense? I mean if that's what girls crave like it's but because they wanted to be loved it would make sense, just not why it would be girls seeking that abuse just to have love that they want to be abused with anyways because someone is giving them that?

I mean I get it. Yeah, girls just like the abuse apparently, I'm not even just saying that because it's true, I've been just giving it to them and they still want more, that's why. That's why I'm trying to figure this out, I'm actually a girl in a boy's body and I can understand the reasoning but just not if is that because I can because I am a girl in a boy's body and that is what I was already nonetheless wanting myself or if I'm like that because I'm a girl in a boy's body and I know now that girls are supposed to be the same as boys and that is what I want because the body of the boy I inhabite just keeps giving me just that?

Yeah, I thought the same thing too being a girl that it was the abuse so I could have love given to me, but is that even something that I really wanted is what I don't know now, not only have I gotten it and a boy gave it to me just for thise reasons but I also I loved it that I was a girl asking for it and I got it too, so I don't know why I'm still stuck on this why is that what makes it something that I would want being a girl whether I live in a boy body or not? Well, I don't know, I live in a boy so, I guess just that's funny because, so then I have to understand why a boy wants that just to figure out why it would still be something that I would want now that I have it. I'm right back where I started dude. I've been living in a boy's body, it's like totally natural to me now to ask this question especially because it was given to me because a boy let me have it, it's my question to ask at least now.

So here's what I think I have so far. I get the feeling the answer is just staring me in the face right now. What I think is, I am a girl like that wants love to be abused for the sake of having love and that I would be a boy then able to give it, I cannot deny that is what I want being a girl, I think I can know why now though, I wanted that to make a boy happy byt I couldn't do that not knowing if it would before, so now the boy I be in can't deny it either that given the opportunity to make it happen I would, it's just I guess the thing about that has to be then, girls want abuse for love just as long as they don't have the right person to want to make happy able to accept it and so boys don't know that is what they want because they had no idea that was what a girl wanted, yeah because they didn't know that was what girls wanted that girls wanted, I guess that would be boys assuming they wouldn't know the girl right for them wants it, but for me though, I think this as fact that I would be that girl just as long as I be the girl that wants that and what can I say I like the abuse because I am able to give it, just like a girl that would want to give it to have love being given back to her. I have it, I have it however. You have to have it, to be that girl, and I am that girl now. I think I understand what girls wanted now because of it too. Huuuhh, would you look at that. It's perfect. Like I will be her, and I will get it too. I get it. Now, it's not even a real question, the real question is next what more can a girl ask for am I right? And to think I didn't learn anything about this from girls even, it was, it was actually a boy that I found this in.

I don't know if girls that are monsters who like abuse so to be a girl simply able to be loved is what makes girls be how they are or if that if they are like that, that boys being just the same could somehow eventually lead to them understand how to fall in love for real or not, but what I do know now that I just learned from all this was that, I did just get what I wanted, and to me hey, that's good enough for any girl too in my opinion. Now I can literally without even have to think about it at all even look myself dead in the mirror and be all like damn yeah that bitch knows what she wants and as long as I can I'll just keep giving it because this is mine now.

Caseyxsharp2 6 May 14
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