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I'm A Feminist & HATE Progressive Feminism

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I'm bisexual and I hate Modern liberalism.


Keep being a pain in their ass, Arielle Scarcella, it is how to break them.
Truth, facts, and complete data is a "progressives" natural enemy.


I unfollowed you for a while because I felt you were doing the same things that you complain about the left doing, over exaggerating and lying about statistics. In particular your opinions on BLM. But!!!! Now I’ve come to the conclusion that yeah you said things I disagree with, but you used your platform to voice the opinions of Right wing POC and how they felt blm was treating them. Which is so so important, especially when every influencer is pushing post after post about donating money to different organisations without looking into them and without hearing the voices of poc telling you which ones to donate to and which ones that do the most good for the community etc. The far left are really cancelling anything that doesn’t suit their views or their ideal images, big or small. So I think that’s why it’s so important for you to keep doing what you’re doing.


I was thinking about this last night. I found out that big penises what are considered ugly and vulgar for most of History that's why Greek statues that portray the Peak of masculinity like Michelangelo's David always have baby dicks. Culture is this stagnant, rigid Force. Culture changes rather quickly, ideologies don't. Feminism is an ideology. It doesn't change with culture. Even though culture has changed feminism hasn't deviated from it's core belief that women are in the inferior position in society because it can't


Third Wave and Trans feminism is NOT progressive, it is regressive. It sends that same sexist message that males matter more than females.



Your video is also posted here. I’m proud of you for protecting women, Arielle! ☺️❤️

Atitaya Level 5 Oct 28, 2020

I really hope Trump wins again and outlaws gay marriage - this will drive the left CRAZY!

bastion Level 7 Oct 27, 2020

Why would HE outlaw it? He supported it before it became law, he supported it before he became a candidate.

And - HE can't outlaw something - in this case, it requires an act of Congress FIRST, and they won't.

There is a good chance if the right ever gets the message that Far Left part of the LGBT Community send out. They will have all the material they need. The far left has been saying that LG can be reeducated to accept opposite sex partners, they changed the definition of gay and lesbian to same gender attraction, They routinely attack lesbians based on a lesbians sexual orientation, They call gays and lesbians genital fetishists, and we have genital preferences that can be unlearned.

HRC erased same sex sex attraction.... to make room and be inclusive of heterosexuals that want to identify as gays and lesbians.

The LGBTQIAA++ Authority has provided all the material to overturn Marriage Equality.


The problem is Progressivism... it's crazy and spread by crazy people.


Meh, no so secretly!!

Love ya!!

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