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I recently found this topic. What’s happening is, in Germany, mother strongly insisted that her feminine child should be transitioned as a trans girl. And that kid is only six years old!
Is this a child abuse? Comments?

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Atitaya 5 Sep 20
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Shouldn't the age of consent also cover this?

That’s exactly what I think


Note: most transsexuals KNOW they are 'wrong' very early: 3-6 yrs old. Some can even articulate it, most just 'show' it. So, it is quite possible she (note SHE) is in fact someone that would benefit from a careful and supervised social transition. But, my previous concerns still apply.


I definitely think this is abuse if it actually takes place somehow. The kid's subconscious has nor developed yet and I don't think any labels are necessary. The kid cannot consent to this change due to the age the kid is in so yes it abuse.

This is actually happening all over the US, parents are even getting kids hormone blockers so they do not start puberty.
It is a mess.


ugh! i think SOCIALLY a kid should be able to, but not physically. so many kids change their minds or their dysmorphia goes away. if its gender dysphoria, then they can transition later

I read that page’s posts. The mom was saying that she took her six years old to consult with the gender doctor and doctor said that the kid should use hormones as early as age 12. And apparently, the mom has trusted the doctor. I mean, I know that even Estrogen can change adolescents’ bodies forever. Breast, body figure, face... all will be changed. I have no problem if that kid is really a trans girl. But at that very young age, children can’t develop enough nerve to decide in many ways and he/she still doesn’t have experience to learn and know what a man and a woman is. And if the kid wants to DETRANSITION, girl, that’s such a hard thing to fix later on and it costs A LOT.


I think social transitions as early as 5-7 is a reasonable response to expressed transsexualism - but I am REALLY afraid that parents are seeing one thing and believing it is another - or....just wanting something that isn't really there. I don't trust parents, I don't trust the medical community right now with regard to anything transgendered.

So, generally, no it isn't abuse. But I can't say in any one specific instance if it is or is not.

Another is that some of these parents are using it as social status, which can eventually mess the kid up. If you noticed, it is mostly boys, and rarely any girls that the parents claim are transgender.
Also, let's look at the timing of this with the pro-female anti-male narrative that is going on so strongly today; no one can say this is just a coincidence.

@TheHerrDark There is a lot of social issues over the last 5-8 years that COULD be driving things - I don't think it is clear (although Abigail Sherrer (is that the right spelling)'s book on teen girls is scary), but there is a reason historically why MtF have outnumbered FtM. I don't think the disparity was incorrect, 70/30 used to be the average # I've seen over the decades. I am happy that socially we are treating the issue better, and that kids are getting assistance sooner - but I can't trust the system any more and that scares me for the kids.


I also disagree on ’s medical transition. He/She could not give consent by himself/herself.

Atitaya Level 5 Sep 22, 2020

Yes, this is 100 percent abuse. This wasn't the kids decision.


I want to add another comment to answer the question: Is it a form of child abuse?

If the child is trans, I don't see how it could be abuse. But if the child is not trans, then it would be abuse. The problem is, we can't know with a child of this age if they are trans or not.

Whether the kid is trans or not, I don't think it's healthy or morally right.


This is a hard topic. But here's my honest opinion. I was born female and I knew I was really a boy before I was 6 years old. I had a strong sense of it in kindergarten (probably about 5 years old) and tried to get people to call me by a boy's name back then. HOWEVER...

I DON'T really think 6-year-old kids need to be going through a "transition." I would love if little kids could freely play with and express gender in safe ways like, I played "dad" when we played house or I played with action figures instead of dolls. That was perfectly safe gender-related play that I was allowed to do and made me happy as a child.

I think kids should just be kids. I don't think a child of that age has a true sense of "identity." I just can't really support a 6-year-old's transition.

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