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Progressives love talking about micro-aggressions & completely ignore human trafficking. Let’s talk about it []

ariellescarcella 7 Sep 16
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Progressives don't consider human trafficking a problem. It's a "non-issue" to them.


There have been a bunch of stories in the LOCAL press over the last 6-8 weeks about trafficking arrests and children being recovered - but mainstream press is ignoring them. Massive rings have been disrupted in the last 4 years again, without mainstrean coverage. This is the Left ignoring trafficking.

Cancel culture is all about microaggressions and it is mainstream press news when it happens.

The evidence is there. Child trafficking is ignored because pedophilia is being normalized and trafficking doesn't fit the narrative. It is disgusting.

The recent law change in CA regarding underage sexual contact: I understand that not charging an 18 yr old with rape when there is consentual sex with a 17 yr old, but that nuance is lost when a 23 yr old has sex with a 14 yr old (which falls under the rules of the new law). I accept the first, abhor the second.

Progressive ideology is not about nuance, it is about sledgehammers and firebombs (real and conversationally). And the response from the Right is often relegated to 'in kind' responses in an attempt to keep the Overton Window at least close to the center.

I don't mind preventing some people (who have extremist ideologies) from speaking to a large audience, especially if that audience is impressionable. The problem I have is when standards are selectively applied to favour some people and unfairly/inaccurately applied to discriminate against others who have a different (but still valid) perspective.


I suspect a huge part of the problem is that a lot of people simply cannot accept the depths of human depravity and just how badly some people will behave. This would conflict with their world view, in which they want to blame relatively modest factors for everything, and try to control those. Free speech, free thought and the like scare them - the marketplace of ideas, like the rest of liberty, is messy and scary,

While I am not so sure that "progressives" (just another group of totalitarian freaks) ignore human trafficking to a great extent, I think my theory above explains why there is less attention given to it than it needs. Dealing with that stuff is nasty and corrosive - it is simply hard to do. Hearing about that real world of people who investigate and prosecute sex traffickers, rescue their victims, etc. is way worse than unpleasant.


Progressives don't care about people. Never have. All anyone has to do is look into the history of the movement and they'll find a handful of good people who wanted to help people but most were Racist, Eugenicist and Nazi supporters. They care about power. Their just using emotional manipulation to get it.


When do liberals talk about "human trafficking"?
What have they ever done about it?
Post examples please


Can you explain to me or offer any evidence that "liberals ignore human trafficking"?


I talk about it here.. low volume but audible:

H0bo Level 5 Sep 16, 2020
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