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What girl crush do you have? I thought I'd ask you, you seem to like women. I would anyways because I might appear to be a guy but this guy knows a lot of girls, I would have girl crushes like plural even if I wasn't a chic, so that's why that I wanted to ask you what yours was. For me, like I would like some fictional girls, some celebrities and also definitely that girl Selena Gomez. I just have so many that, I couldn't just count one, like the first woman to try flying over the ocean, that was awesome, or the one that destroyed every bottle of booze that she could find during prohibition just because it killed her father, also an awesome one. But whatever, it can be just about anyone for you. I also like Womer Woman and Supergirl. I can't imagine you not having one already. I know I am a guy, and I think about this stuff, just I'd think about what girls that I at least can like for them being women, so, even for a person with no to little understanding of why to like girls, at least that person can just have a girl crush just because it is a girl crush, if you're gonna like women, why wouldn't you think about who is your favorite best even though it's true that you normally do not, that's how I think about it like, it just seems appropriate to be asking a girl especially one that also likes girls too, that's like the real reason that I'm asking because, I have asked other girls this too, and I'm like come on you're girls and you don't have a girl crush or you can't even say that their might be like one girl you like because they just are a girl, I would think that girls need to know what girls they like really are, that just seems logical right?

It shocks me that, girls, like real girls wouldn't even have or know what one of their real girl crushes may be. I can be satisfied with the freaken girl on the package of I can't believe it's not butter dude. I mean, what's her deal man, why is there this one female serving God damn butter to a bunch of men that were just on the sea for six months who haven't seen what these Indians are like, what's up with that, dude fuck that girl, she's just serving butter to a bunch of men and saying, "oh, I can't believe it's not butter," what the fuck, she probably just wants to be taken back with them so she can just serve butter to everyone else in England and all she says is I can't believe it's not butter, that's crazy man, but I like that girl anyway, why wouldn't I like a girl serving butter to men and she saying I just can't believe it's not butter. Heuuuaghhhgh, that slut. Or this girl, Pocahuntas I fucking hate this bitch, what the fuck pocahuntas, why are you being that one girl in history who just realized that you are a trader by your own people, a trader of the government of England too, and then you still wanted to simply just call it all being just what is for the love of a man who only did like you because you were an outsider to your own people the Native Americans, and then you're still going to say it's because you want that man's love anyhow even when what you're not saying is it's really just because you're a woman that you do, don't make the tragedy and most beautiful aspect of your love life based on these two principles woman one, on a man just a man, and two, that it is a sad story that you can't be a woman to just be able to do whatever that you want to and only because you love that one man. She pisses me off, but I love Pocahuntas, I can't tell if that's the most foolish or engenius thing that I've ever heard, nah screw that imagined, a girl ever to be doing before. Mother fucking Pocahuntis man, what a bitch.

Just give me one, one person, who anyone that is a girl that you can say that you like being a girl right now. I just wanna know, about 300 celebrities and about over 10,000 different fictional girls come to mind for me. I gotta know. I wanna know if this is just me right now or not, I mean, to me a girl like Samus Aran, don't, don't even get me started on this girl right now, she is a iconic huntress of the stars who lives in a suit of armor that she powers with her mind and her one job in life is to be a bounty hunter by hunting aliens and shit that she kills using her mentally powered suit with that has a flipping arm cannon on it, and that's all she does, is just exterminating planets, just a girl doing her job, doesn't even question it, by killing everything that moves, and at avenge her parents that was also killed by a dragon named Ripley like on the movie aliens Ripley is the girl that kills the queen, and this girl was thought up to be a joke, that's just it, no one knew who Samus actually was, until that sneaky bisnatch took off her helmet and low and behold there she was, now you can't even say the word Nintendo without referring to the most awesome biggest played game that Nintendo has ever made. That just sounds so awesome, being a girl to kill things all day long and blowing shit up to then go on ahead to kill more things, I don't know what about being a girl but that just sounds awesome if anyone could do it, she does it though, and that's why that I like Samus Aran. And Kesha. And Avril Lavigne, and Britney Spears. See I can't even stop myself. I just would have a girl I liked who I could call my girl crush, I have spent way too much time with girls alone with my psychic ability, I know I would know right now that I would know all that there is to girls right now. I can tell you everything about any and all every single last one of the girls you could put in front of me that are drawn, every single thing about them just by how they look. I can just look at a girl at tell you anything about her if I wanted to. It's not even that I would be having to spend using my psychic ability even able to do it either, because that's how much time that I've had to get to know real girls, saying that I don't know girls, is like if you said to Samus Aran that I know you think you can reach the people in danger because you're a woman but that's why that you're not going to be able to, because you are a woman, if you said that, I bet you that she'd just stare at you and most likely then probably blow herself up trying to save those people, that's kind of stupid. It seriously, I don't know, irritates me, to be knowing that there really are simply just girls that wouldn't have any girl crush, don't even know of what one they will like would even be. And that's why it's funny, because I am a woman and a man, and I think that girls should have one, it even puzzles me to no ends that they just simply some would not.

So, what do you think, Arielle, do you have any girls that you'd be crushing on being a girl too?

caseyxsharp 6 Sep 12
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my girl crush is 100% Nicole from the PussyCat Dolls. OMG she's smart, hot and talented.

Good answer!


Generally we have historically had male heroes and female sex goddesses. Cleopatra comes to mind as someone who changed the course of history by being the object of sexual desire for powerful men. Then there is Helen of Troy who was the object of desire that in theory cause the Greeks to destroy a rival civilization. The question is why these women.

High status women have an allure that lower status women of equal or superior physical attractiveness don't. Partly it is the appeal of the difficult to obtain. Value is at least in part tied to rarity. Is a diamond really more beautiful than an exquisitely cut piece of glass or an opal. Then there is the powerful inclination of humans to want to have what others have. If the neighbor has a new car pretty soon everyone in the neighborhood wants a new car. If everyone starts admiring a particular woman it elevates who desirability irrationally. Value is oddly contagious and irrational, driven by instincts we barely understand.

wolfhnd Level 8 Sep 13, 2020

No girl crushes.
PLENTY of women crushes though.

I'm not seriously asking what woman crushes you may have. I used the word girls, because when talking about women, woman is the singular way to say it, if you were to say that women crushes is what you have, then you're basically trying to tell me that you have just a bunch of women that you would happen to have a crush on because they are indeed as a matter of fact women, or a woman that you have a crush on because she is a woman. What I'm asking is for more of a broader sense of that, instead of women or woman, I use girls, because this can apply to lot of people anyone actually, if you say that you have a crush on women, alright I can understand that, you have a crush on women, but if you were to say that you have crushes on girls just plain girls then you'd be talking about yeah and I now can know that is what you mean by you just happen to do have girl crushes, and there's nothing wrong with that.

I stand by my original assertion: i have crushes on women not girls.

Girls are immature, uninteresting, simple.
Women are mature, interesting, complex

@TheMiddleWay Oh that's interesting to me, man, it really is. It's been a real long time since I thought that there might really be someone who might say they stand by their assertion. Well, in that case, I don't actually have a problem with it. I think about things that I plan on saying what you did all the time just in case someone was talking about it. I'd much rather be talking to someone who really does think what they think than just someone who wouldn't be. I was just pointing that out before as a clinical thing, or linguistics thing. But honestly, I gotta be honest with you right now, I'm not into that belief, that about get what you said about girls, although, yeah I do get it, why that you would say that, I would too, believe me I would too, I really would, but the thing about me is, that I think the same thing as you do, specifically that, that girls are known to be well just how you said, I don't question that one bit, and women are, just you know plain women, their women, I do agree with you about that, truly I did already, the thing is that what I don't like is that it's not really up to me, and being honest with you it's because it's become a real headache to me though because I believe I am a girl and that identify as a woman, you have no idea, I mean, how much that I would love, I would like, to be known for that, a woman, because fuck the world women, and I would be fine with that, except that's the problem though, I am only one woman, I gotta think about my whole gender, I can't be trying to say to people that girls they should be women because girls are something else, when you are dealing with girls that know less about women, excuse me what I meant to say was real women, real women, you can't be telling just girls that and expect them to know what you mean, that's one thing, another is, that it is, just, it is literally just, those other girls, other girls, that make the meaning of women, belittled, it's just trash and I hate it, I hate it so much, if I wasn't a girl right now and such a proper lady, I'd walk up to it and shoot it in the God damn, the God damn face if I could, I would, I'm with you on that one, I don't even have to refute it because you are so right, I, really just can't even argue with that there, girls, they be crazy yo, only a woman would know what a real woman is like, wait just a minute, hold on, so, here's why that I for one person who is identifying as a woman, I stand by my own assertions too as well, as well too I mean, because this, that's, it is true that, girls are already known for being less than women, so, however much and believe me I do it's not like I haven't tried, that I would, would want that girls know what real women are really like, I just can't make girls like that seriously know it just because they are actually girls, and so that's why that when I talk about women, see, I would just like to be pointing out to you, this is me right now, I wouldn't be talking about women being women, I'm the opposite, I would be talking about girls being girls, because, because only a real women would have a problem with women being called girls because they are girls, see how that works, like when I do it's really like all that talk about women I'm saying about girls, because girls can be like women, I do know that is potentially true, it's still true that only a woman knows about women and that girls would not be the ones knowing about women, but it's what I was saying, this is me right now, I wouldn't be talking about women being women, I would be saying about girls, why, because I can't be a real woman unless there was a real woman that did know the real exactly actually difference between girls and women, a woman is different than girls to me. It's what you said. That is how that I see both girls and women too. A real woman however, a real woman is like, a girl that is a girl who has also been the one to imagine their own ideas, opinions, identify of self, all that, not because she just happens to be a woman, she just would be, she just would be that woman to be a real woman, it's not more complex than that, because she is a real woman, I wouldn't be calling girls that just because they are girls, which is the other reason that I would be, do I mean, say that women are girls too, because it's not what I am here to decide, real women do exist, and despite what other girls that are girls happen to think, it's not really girls, it's not girls though, real women do exist besides just what girls because are girls would happen to think, so if I can't be the one to call women real women, when believe it or not that is like all I mean every single there is to me, then I'd rather just call those girls that don't even really know anything, like anything, about be female, or being an actual real woman, I would even say, myself, and I really believe that I am a girl too, I would even say, that those are girls, specifically that it's because they are girls, that not even I despite really believing, like maybe even believing I am a real woman, should make a difference I would say, but even with me, I still can't say that I know girls apart from what a real woman is, not that I just happen simply would be saying that women who are real do exist, it's just, just that because I am a person who actually believes that I really am a real woman, that's why that I can't be just saying about girls and not be also talking about women too, but what can you do, and then also trying to say that I am a girl, that I am a girl and who would also believe that being a girl, it's not like other girls would know what I mean, and I know that, that's why that I use saying girls. And I mean it, don't even get me started talking about what I think about women, I love them, there is no way that I could say with a straight face that they are stupid or something, but girls be something else, I don't even want to fight that, if it was up to me, I would have it be that all girls be women, but yeah no, all girls are not women, and most certainly if you can even believe that, then especially not real women. If I gave a shit, I would just level the playing field, but I am one, a girl, just that one girl and no matter how much I don't like it or would want to complain why that is, I am still just, one girl, that's what I be.

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Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

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