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How do you currently identify, politically? I'm a classic liberal.

Political Identity

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ariellescarcella 7 July 8
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I'm from the UK, our center is slightly left compared with yours.
I wish I could say progressive but recently even my friends have said Im "not as left as them". Maybe my understanding of "progressive" has been warped by militants. I don't like identity politics and the idea a persons argument can be dismissed entirely because they are X.

I agree with socialist ideas and capitalist ones. But there aslre flaws in both. Im basically just against anything that puts people so far "elite" people can't even conprehend it. I think Marxs Ideas have been misused.

Its almost like whatever we do the feudal system or the upperclass retain power money and status.


You don't seem like a liberal

Level 1 July 11, 2020

To reassess my political standing I took a test and it actually turns out I’m a Moderate Republican. When I became of voting age I registered and voted Democrat because that’s what my family did. That and being transsexual I thought that the democrats were for minorities. But seeing the craziness that is going on in the world right now made me do a lot of soul searching. I did a lot of research and watched a lot of #walkaway stories. After all of that... I guess I can say I was officially redpilled.


Can people be banned here for just being completely IGNORANT of common history


Classical liberals are libertarians. The libertarian movement is based off of the philosophy of the Enlightenment.


I have just couned a new term CHTOPI. It stands for Citizen Having Their Own Political Ideas. Pronounced "chtopi". As far as I can see this would exclude the radical left which have no ideas just a common set of mantras.


I eschew most labels and have my own views. If pushed I say I favour the Liberals by which I mean the UK Liberal party from Jo Grimmond's era (1950/1960s) but I do not accept all their policies/rehtoric.


Voting is silly, it’s all rigged


I’m a National Socialist. I believe white people should go back to their ancestors Pagan religion

They’re not pagan NOW. But they were for most of Caucasians history. They were forced by death by the Romans about 300 Common Era.

This is all easily verified by just googling Pagan Europe

A statement like this is so stupid it’s embarrassing

As much as I shouldn't feed trolling..I find it interesting that people use Christian terminology to describe previous religious traditions. Considering people adopted & discarded religious practices naturally - especially within a mult-cultural & religious society. Considering Rome liked to collect countries & gods like happy meal toys- using war & trade as their preferred methods.( And to top it off- human behavior often seeks to rebel against prev.generations in practices & thoughts. I imagine being a part of a clandestine illegal religious was a very punk movement .)It doesn't surprise me that later Christian's living in a Roman society would do the same. However, that isn't the entire story. If you don't realize it - and there is a perfect example going on right now- humans really are pack animals & we seek validation on some level from our . Religious beliefs & practices ebb & flow. We don't think of it, but it falls on people's whims. Don't trust google- get a book & an academic one at that. And one that is vetted. While I love my neo-pagan authors most are ghost written.
And as far as "paganism" being most of Caucasian religious history , I'd say that is most of the worlds history.

Thanks so much for the intelligent debate.

I agree humans fly on “Whims “ and humans are “tribal “ (pack)....

I assure u I’m not a troll !! I truly dedicate my life to educate people on their true history..

I feel we need a “Third Testament “ so to speak. There’s an Atheist Wave building - but I don’t think atheism can fly

@SocialDarwin you remind me of my brother. ( it's not a bad thing) I'm not an Atheist..though the ones I know are very moral. Idk that a new religious doctrine is in order. We just need people to follow the one's they have.

Most modern day Pagans don’t sacrifice animals (just like modern Christians very rarely wash feet).


I am still a registered Democrat and identify myself as a progressive (classic liberal). I am in a weird position. I do not agree with Republicans or Libertarians enough to switch parties.
I believe in things like reasonable gun control, regulations on corporations, environmental regulation, builder regulations, foreign policy, and conservative economics have been proven to be catastrophes. So if there was a Unified Centrist Party I might consider switching to that... but there is not.

I was always a pro-choice Republican growing up. I kind of switched but there wasn't much difference imho then. Now I'm politically homeless. I have friends & family that support the mobs on some philosophical level- I find that I stand in opposition to this belief. Now there is a huge difference between the parties. And I'm a classic moderate. So...? And honestly the green & libertarian party's ate not for me( some great ideas) but not my thing.


I no longer have a reasonably defensible political identity.

govols Level 8 July 8, 2020

I am Scottish Danish alcoholic


Ariella - like yourself I am a classic Liberal

"liberal" (lower case L is intentional) in its prescient interpretation and manifestation makes the qualified designation of "Classic Liberal" all the more valid. Hence I did not vote in your poll. If you put Classic Liberal in there - I will vote!

iThink Level 8 July 8, 2020

I'm a conservative libertarian.

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