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Watched your video about BLM and the similarities you see with Trans activism. All social justice spawned movements share similar DNA. They come from the same place, ideologically, they're fueled by the same discourse.

Personally I've grown bored of all identifiers, so I find it annoying to say that 'I am' this or that, I particularly dislike categorizing myself on the basis of my ideas (I'm old enought to know ideas change and that's a good thing), but if I must, I might say I'm a 'classic liberal', progressive, but not that type of progressive.

I used to be a full on queer, anti-racist, Nazi-punching feminist, who had been taught (online) that ideological 'enemies' must be called out, confronted and cancelled. I won't say I saw the light because like I said above, ideas change, but I've had some breakthroughs ever since Trump came into office, that have helped me see through the emotional manipulation coming heavily from both sides, but more importantly (for me) from 'the Left'.

It started the day after the election, when I decided I needed to understand the other side, if I was to understand 'America' (I work in mass media). I encountered the ideas of someone 'like me' (again, identifiers): An immigrant, Latino, raised by liberals. His arguments actually made sense. I grew curious. I had conversations. In parallel I was going through another process: I was making peace with my body, after a lifetime of gender dysphoria that in my case was further stoked by the LGBT thought process: any discomfort with gender stereotypes is an indication that you were born into the wrong body.

I started to connect the dots. A lot of these movements make bank on self-loathing. Mainstream anti-racism and Trans Activism have that in common. Pharmaceuticals and the mental health industry banking on people loathing the only body they have (change it with technology!), anti-racism making bank on the guilt of white people. I have a hard time believing any of this actually helps anyone, I mean apart from lining the pockets of a select few (but then again, I find it hard to believe that money gives any real peace, and that's what we all want, right?)it only seems to stoke hate, for our selves, and for others.

Anyway, I've extricated myself from the left, from mainstream LGBT culture, and in the process done more for my physical and mental health than years of self-care a la social justice. I've made peace with femininity, both imposed and intrinsic, and it no longer causes me anguish to wear my hair long or have curves. Puff, a little radical feminism theory, some introspection, therapy, spiritual exploration and as much self-love as I can muster and it turns out the dysphoria is cured. Who would've thought the knowledge my body wasn't wrong, would bring me peace?

And that's just the beginning. A million things I thought were True and Important have lost all meaning. I find it stimulating, but also strange, unnerving at times and definitely lonely. Because I'm somewhat of a public figure (more like, my job security suddenly depends on public opinion), I've had to stop expressing my opinions publicly. I deleted my social media accounts, I'm struggling on whether or not to give interviews. In part because my opinions change, I change, and why would I want a record of every thought that ever entered my mind and I decided to share, in part because I work in a historically 'liberal' industry and definitely don't have JK Rowling fuck you money.

To anyone who reads this and is going through a similar process, I recommend keeping in mid two things: Always strive for peace of mind -none of this shit is actually as important as we make it out to be in the first place- and leave room for compassion - for yourself and for those who think differently; we were all 'idiot' SJWs one day, let us not replicate their tactics.

Arielle, if you ever want to talk about how I was 'cured' of my gender dysphoria (warning: it wasn't just one thing), I'm down to share my experience (not the same as my opinions), and I think my experience could be helpful to other lesbians.

You do amazing work, thank you.

onionvsopinion 2 July 6
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this makes me SO fucking happy. im going to tweet this out later! it's SO important


I "cured" my gender dysphoria (used to identify and lived as trans woman myself), by realizing no matter what I do, I'll never be a (cis) woman, and my reason for having gender dysphoria was much more complicated than just "I want to be a real woman", it was because of bullying for my feminity, because of sexual assault and harrasment I experienced as a child, it's because I wanted to be the person my first "boyfriend" would want to spend his life with (and that was to be a woman), and then I stopped... and embraced myself as a male. And it's okay to be a male, a Gender Non Conforming Male..

plus, I'll never understand and would never experience what it is like to be a woman, having their sex and bodies politicized and controlled by the government.

<333 whatever you were or are going through im glad you're feeling better now


Thank you for your post! That was really refreshing to read.

When Trump was elected, I also wanted to do some research and learn about "the other side." My friends at the time actively tried to stop me. They said, "People only voted for Trump for two reasons. Racism and stupidity!" ... And that didn't make sense to me. Nobody says, "Gee, I think I'll look for the stupidest and most racist candidate out there and make sure to vote for him. That sure supports my values!" - Long story short, I'm not friends with those people any more. I'm not a Trump supporter either, but I'm at least trying to learn and understand so I don't fall into a trap of believing everyone who has an opinion other than mine is stupid and/or evil.

I'm a trans man and I'd love to hear more about how you overcame your gender dysphoria. I have a lot of concern for young people (girls particularly) who might be rushing to transition, only to later regret it. I'm just curious about your experiences and opinions.

Thanks again for posting! I hope to see more from you.

i agree with you! i said there is no way there are that many actual racist people whod vote for him based on that. there had to be something we were missing


Beautifully thought out and written personal essay. Why do I feel as if I read this several years ago...I'm pretty sure I did. Nevertheless, it is worth reading again. Glad you posted it here on IDW community.

iThink Level 9 July 6, 2020
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