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Ex-Muslim Gay Man Escapes Homophobic Religion. What questions do you have for him? Video coming soon!!

ariellescarcella 7 June 24
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If you haven't sat down with him yet:
What is his relationship like with his family now and how has it evolved?
Is he religious now, and if so, what does that look like?
How did he come to accept himself and make peace with what he was taught about being gay? (if this was ever taught to him.)

Joyyfyl Level 3 June 29, 2020

As a gay man how were you able to align yourself with an ideology that believes you are the work of the devil that you should be killed and executed, thrown off buildings and acts in those beliefs right now in present day. Gay individuals are blind folded thrown off buildings in various part of Middle East

MerCi Level 5 June 27, 2020

ty for the question


Ariella - do know who "One Godless Woman" is? She is here on IDW and she has videos on you tube. Do you know who Ayann Hirisi Ali is? She is an author and lecturer on the topic of Islam - I suggest you look these women up. Watch their vids/lectures and read some of their work.
I will NEVER understand how any gay person or any female could have anything less than total disgust and revulsion for the "religion of peace" - do some research on the women I mentioned here and get back to us.

iThink Level 8 June 24, 2020

I can only assume that he was basically forced to live his life mostly closeted - I'd be curious to know some of his experiences or observations, having lived as a closeted Muslim man.

ty for the question


I worked in MENA. I was never more frightened in my life than being a woman in countries where my legal rights are so limited. My only question was how did he get out?

ty for the question

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